A review of Mob Psycho 100 from an Actual Psychic

Hi! If you haven’t watched or read Mob Psycho 100 I cannot recommend it enough. If you don’t want any spoilers, don’t proceed. If you haven’t read the Manga completely updated, expect to be spoiled in the latter half, I’ll put a warning if you prefer to stop. You’ve been warned!

I’m writing this with the ingrained assumption that the people who will read this have read and/or have watched Mob Psycho 100 and I’m just here to give added perspective.

Which is an unabashed freaking RAVING REVIEW of how GODDAMN WONDERFUL MOB PSYCHO 100 is.

Caveat for those people into anime but don’t know the extent of my psychic experiences are which for convenience I shall summarize as so:

1 I feel, hear and sense things (clairsentience and clairaudience) across time and space. So I can read situations, (via tarot cards and whatnot) that happened in people’s past present and future.

2 I channel angels (ahaa this sounds so weird for an anime reader does it?) to exorcise places and people. You can also call it God or all that is. I also talk to spirit guides/guardian angels semi-constantly.

Yup I think that’s it.

And you know what my most number one favorite thing about Mob Psycho or even ONE as a writer in general is that, his over-powered protagonists both exemplify and critique what is it to be that role.

In One Punch Man, Saitama is the best superhero in terms of defeating villians but is generally sucky in terms of winning the populace in terms of heroship or even engaging with the hero association and his comrades. He personally even feels bored and frustrated with being undefeatable.

Similarly in Mob Psycho, Mob is THE MOST POWERFUL ESPER. IMAGINABLE. PERIOD. HARDSTOP. But he’s also this really insecure kid who hasn’t had a grasp of his emotions! Which is very on point for a lot of people with ultra-sensory experiences.

You think your problems are solved by your psychic abilities?

BOY think again! Your crush still doesn’t like you, you’re still trying to lose weight/get fit, and that part time job you’re doing as an exorcist is something you’re very high-key hiding from a lot of people that doesn’t pay that much cash. Why couldn’t you just be a normal smart kid like your brother?


I don’t know if ONE as the mangaka/writer of Mob Psycho has personal experiences of the paranormal and the supernatural, but with the way he writes he really GETS it. The whole shebang. And it’s with this tongue in cheek kind of simplicity and directness that just makes it Absolutely Hilarious AND 100% TRUE.

1.People do get into psychic/telepathy clubs wanting powers and information with aliens. And even when they did have an alien encounter in the manga there was a HUGE communication gap with these cute aliens that it was both funny and self-aware of how much shit we HONESTLY don’t know about aliens and how our conceptions of them cannot possibly come close.

2. I also love how Mob Psycho went full on LET’S PORTRAY HOW PEOPLE MAKE CULTS with LOL and Dimple. How dimple as an upper class evil spirit/ demon is surprisingly relatable and recognizable in terms of wanting to be somebody but also being shitty and manipulative about it. It’s a very human reaction to anything beyond and divine, to have the tendency to worship and/or even abuse power via manipulation.

There are a lot of spiritual gurus out there who are Hardcore hypnotists and mentalists who do use their ultrasensory abilities to gain power (induce people in this fake high) not unlike Dimple. Having a caricature of this little wannabe god in this little green glob is frankly SUBLIME. A+ Writing.

3. And Reigen being a con-artist / fake exorcist has to be one of the most multi-dimensional and piercing foils I’ve ever seen humanly possible. You’ve got Mob, an Actual Esper, a gullible and not-in touch with his feelings kid.

Saying this:

And then you’ve got Reigen who says things like this:

He is right off the bat, immediately painted as one of those shady unreliable type of adult and yet HE IS THE guiding post, THE NUMBER ONE mentor of Mob since day 1. And what’s great about this contrast is that it highlighted how much mob didn’t need a teacher in terms of commanding spirit. He needed a teacher about Growing Up. And Reigen is this very self-possessed individual and though he could lie a deceive a lot (his ability to think on his feet and weave lies is probably his superpower tbh) He’s a good guy.

This is fucking relatable. Let me tell you, I personally have a Shaman/being an-energy-healer mentor. And she guides me about technique with Spirit world like, 5% of the time. The 95% is about growing the fuck up, her being way more mature and balanced than me. Things like, accepting yourself for your experiences, not needing validation from other people or not having the need to explain or prove yourself.

Fuck! Recognizing your feelings ala Mob Psycho 100 so that you don’t blow up/mess up your aura. Mob psycho is an anime I get it, but the experiences it portrays is very real and very relevant to espers and not espers alike. Stuff like:



The show tackles a lot of issues about growing up in a refreshing and entertaining way in the perspective of an Esper! How Mob doesn’t fully ascribe his identity with being psychic, so he tries to define himself in other ways such as the Body Improvement Club and has this to the bones humility of his often inconvenient power.


The first time I was able to move chi in someone else’s body with my hands. I was legit for a while asking – shit is God calling me to be a healer like voodoo lady trope through and through? Do I need to become a nun or something? Do I need to change careers? basically: DO I NEED TO COMPLETELY DEFINE AND BUILD MY SELF-CONCEPT AROUND THIS?

AND IT’S RESOUNDING NO, PEOPLE. I still like art! I still like writing, anime and am a little more comfortable with a less mystified perception of my who I am. Everybody is magic! When Mob says, damn my little brother is amazing at public speaking – HE MEANS THAT. HE REALLY DOES. I GET IT.

I mean it when I say that some people’s singing is a superpower. You fucking glow people and it’s like this weird dance of both being able to recognize psychic experiences fully as what they are but also never over-glorifying or pedestalling it like Teruki did before and after meeting Mob.

Also. Writing-wise.

ONE isn’t afraid to throw his characters into downright mortifying situations really testing what they’re made of. For example.


1 Mob finding out the Reigen was lying to him and manipulating him the whole time. Him blowing up and possibly killing him from how angry he was, the capacity to control himself AND HERE’S THE CLINCHER. DOWNRIGHT FORGIVING REIGEN FOR THAT SHIT. WAS FREAKING. HIGH-STAKES completely 10000% would change their character dynamic afterwards and gorgeous writing.

2 Reigen wanting to defend Mob against Claw when he had 0% chance of winning, and 0% supernatural powers against these Jacked Espers. Reigen didn’t know that Mob’s emotions and powers would mirror unto him (which btw is something that could happen IRL). He really legit thought, I could die in this moment. And he didn’t care. It really showed the kind of loyalty Reigen had and feeling of RESPONSIBILITY for Mob that was truly heroic. I downright 100% love the characterization of this guy for all of his antics, he shows the real tenacity and strength of the “mundane”

3 Dimple betraying Mob. OMYGOD. I remember screaming at the manga when I read this. Dimple always wanted to be God. He was power hungry, and he followed Mob around basically waiting for a time to possess him or leech him. (which btw also happens IRL with thought forms and what not so like not all your shit thoughts are yours kids).

But anyway you’d think this is Dimple’s redemption arc. That he’d befriend Mob and turn out to be not evil. WELL THINK AGAIN. NOPE DIMPLE WENT FULL BAD. But it also came from a lot of pain. I can’t even intellectualize it anymore, just the level of betrayal that Mob and how hard it was for him to hurt someone/something he has cared for WAS FRICKING TOO REaL.

I mean I’ve also helped spirits move on and every time they do something Effed up it’s really from a lot of pain and you can’t help but sympathize with it you know?


Last Note: Mob and his Emotions

It’s a central theme in the story, Mob turns absolute God Mode when his emotions get to 100% or beyond.

It holds up in Real life. I can 100% (haha) say that when your Genuine Emotions and Intention shines through your spirit and capacity to move thins spiritually just amplifies across the board. Also achieving a similiar effect to the emotion and intention.

As a narrative device though, it’s more than that. I think what Mob Psycho 100 really does as a Story, is to exemplify the recognition of our Real Emotions. To not stuff them down, to not lie ourselves about it, to fully be in these emotional whirlwinds before it gets any worse.

As much as it looks like a super power for Mob (and it does save him a few times) it’s also The Cause of Destruction for some times as well. (MANGA SPOILER ALERT) or example when he finally confessed and got rejected by his crush he spontaneously could destroy the whole city from his dejection. (END OF SPOILER). which I think really embodies the human experience quite succinctly.

We implode when we stuff down our genuine feelings and we will have a lot of those while we’re discovering ourselves, during and even after growing up through middle school.


If you’re looking for something gorgeously rendered, witty, fresh and self-aware – Studio Bones and ONE has the perfect thing for you. Mob Psycho 100 and it’s FREAKING APPROVED BY AT LEAST THIS ONE MOTHER FUCKING REAL PSYCHIC HAHA.

I’m currently enjoying the season 2 of the anime and I just wanted to express my utter enjoyment of it while it hasn’t ended yet. Heh. If you guys got any stuff you want to talk about psychic and/or mob related FEEL FREE TO COMMENT! Otherwise, thanks for reading.



PS: I’m having a lot of personal breakthroughs in the start of 2019, I thought I’d have so much Big Serious Shit to release on my blog. But honestly I’m happy raving about Mob Psycho 100 is my first blogpost of the year.

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