Experiencing “I AM”

There is a difference between:

I am dancing a dance

// where dance is seen as a separate object and product and something to be done/created

I am dancing

// where there is focus on the process, that is still being done by an “I”

I am dance

// there is no longer a separation of the I and the form. It is dissolved into one another. There is nothing that is in I that is considered not part of the “used to be” subject. In terms of literal distance of subject and object in the sentence, they become closer. one. until it’s contracted to:

I am.

Now which sentences are usually used by masters? dancers, and artisans of any craft? They’re often dissolved into their object, a dissolution of barriers. There’s this natural genius – it’s limitless and liberated.

Now, let’s take the following sentences:

I am living a life

I have a life

I am living

As opposed to:

Life is living me

I am an expression of life–

I am Life //referring to all of life
Or contract it the furthest it could go:

I am

The latter group of sentences isn’t used as much in our language. The way of viewing the world this way not really common, which speaks of how we’ve distanced ourselves to this concept of “life”.

What is that really? Is it really separate from you? Something to be gained outside of yourself? Is there a life that you’ve “lost”? Is there an invalid experience in this hypothetical “life” that you think of? As if there was a real measure to something as vague and expansive as Life?

You feel so apart from life that you talk about it as if you aren’t it. As if it was some puzzle to solve or some prize to earn. In the literal distance of your sentences you hold it at arm’s length and refuse to embrace it.


How come you’re doing that?

It’s an old mantra, but there’s a reason why:

I Am



Persists. try experiencing it this way.

your soul is welcome here

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