How to reiki anxiety (reiki yourself in advance)

*for people who aren’t attuned to reiki but practice other energy modalities I’m sure this is applicable. To those who are unfamiliar with energy practices simply beam white light from your concept of the divine.

How many of us feel like we’ve made so much progress in a day, in terms of feeling optimistic and good about a business, a relationship, an issue – only to lose it the day after? Many suffer a lot of anxiety, or have a belief that good feelings and energies can’t last. How many of us have had self-sessions that feel great in the moment – but can’t quite stick or carry over the rest of your life?


You have to put time stamps on your reiki and on your intentions. Send stuff in advance. if I were to be completely honest, even the perception and conception of time is only as real as you believe it and if we were to be really candid about how we perceive time – we think things fade. We think things get worse, we catastrophize as a hobby.

Not that bad things don’t happen, that’s not the source of the difficulty here.

We don’t have this neutral awareness hardwired to take things as it is. To not judge things as good as bad, and you know what? That’s okay.

We can work on that, you can reiki that.

First, Take any time that you’re left idle or waiting, waiting for the bus, being stuck in transit, or falling in line. And patiently, really rack up the feeling of reiki you are channeling into your personal space. This would be best done with your eyes open, going about your day while in things where you don’t “do much”. This is so that you can train yourself to receive and channel reiki even in normal things, with your eyes open to distractions and all, so that you don’t feel peace only when you “drop out” or “into” a meditative state.

Have the intention of channeling the highest energy you’ve ever experienced or fathom, then say – multiply that by 2. Then raise that feeling exponentially by 3. Work it up to 100 like lifting weights. Continuously break your concept of how strong of an energy you can channel. This is like weight training, your energy will get better at attraining to more healing, neutrality and openness.

Next, feel your current energy field. Then think, okay I’m sending that reiki to tomorrow. Did you feel your personal space/ your energy field suddenly collapse? Be smaller? Be dirtier? constricted? If you’re clairvoyant or whichever, you can actually see this. Now just work on that energy, weave any of your strong intentions, or just rack up some pure reiki in there. Undo what anxiety you already see impending. Make it light.

If you’re on a plane trip for 5 hours, i swear you can do your entire year ahead of you. You can can feel which dates are heavier, which appointments, and work landmarks grip at you harder, or what expectations on yourself you weigh yourself down with. Send reiki to all of that, to all those future selves. An interesting facet of this exercise is that it’s like carving out the sand/grit/dirt on your calendar, as if you’re digging to the core of your truth and being each day and each time. And as the energies ground themselves better each day, you can actually see yourself being more balanced, being more integrated, grounded, and in your personal power as the days progress.

An intention that would be very powerful to program alongside this is to HZN, your most authentic being back to yourself. Self-actualization, self-realization and self-integration. Because most of us still have egos, and might use reiki to ‘spiritually bypass’, with almost a religious like fervor –deny our painful experiences. I advice channeling wholeness, not just happy light. Wholeness to come to every moment as all of your power – a power that is different from reiki, but who’s revealing could be aided by it. Your soul, your unique imprint and signature, your beingness.

Program that too, it’s so large that it also takes time to ground into your metaphysical space, and even more energy/time to ground into your physical body and waking life, and everyday action. Have the intention of being wholly steeped in it, fully, always, every cell and inch of you. You will feel more yourself with this, do this right and you will feel like a new person coming into the next day without the lost progress.

Let me know how this exercise goes for you in the comments, or come see my blog.

your soul is welcome here

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