The definitive guide to having safe astral sex with your Spirit Guide/Family – based on actual personal experience


I’m maria, and it took me a long while to admit that I was having astral sex with my spirit husbands. If you want to read up on how much I already dream walk see:

how to become a dreamwalker

i have an energy vortex on my bed

how to spontaneously have OBEs and process karma in your sleep

But otherwise I can summarize things right here:

I’ve dreamwalked/journey/accessed other realms as a child but I didn’t know it. I used to tell stories to myself before falling asleep and it would always be this recurring apartment or home where I feel safe. I’d fix my problems there, go over situations with fictional characters that had problems similiar to mine.

I’d wake up feeling better, or at least having processed what’s going on with me in this “subconscious” style of symbols. Eventually as I grew older, the characters that went to the apartment, morphed in my inner vision as being actually me.

I had months of intense “awakening” experiences back in 2016 where I felt like this reality was the dream, and my dreams were so vivid that those felt like reality. They melded into each other. I’ve had movie length experiences of spirit messages, alternate-life experiences, and what even other people have described as alice-in-wonderland-esque intiation experiences.

My shaman mentor told me..

I was the most advance dreamwalker she’s ever physically met and I’m like oh gees I don’t even admit that I dreamwalk half of the time but I guess this is Real. This is Happening.

So it took me a while to admit that I felt like I met my Spirit Husband, let alone having sex with him.

When I first met my mentor, I viscerally remember coming home and going to sleep and seeing a familiar dude at the front steps of the my “dream” apartment. Saying welcome home, sweetheart – or something to that effect.

Nothing felt so relieving. It was kind of like meeting my mentor, you just felt safe. Like you’ve spent so many lifetimes together, that you could recognize the signature of the energy and feel immediately comforted by it’s mere proximity. He hugged me. And I suddenly accessed an old dream of mine – of getting married outside a courtyard, into a big chinese family with old grandmothers pinching my cheek.

It was a bright memory. It was – IT WAS HIM.

Even before I cared to admit it to other people, I knew to my bones – that this guy was my husband. I just knew it.

I had other dreams that were also trippy as hell, one time me as a fish trapped in a research center/aquarium that turns into a human when I got thrown into the beach. I was in a wedding dress then. Then a man emerged from the surf ala birth of venus and said – ‘that took you a while.’ And I knew, i just KNEW. He was my husband and that the pearl earrings on the beach were our vows.

What’s even crazier is that he asked me to swim back to my real home, an island far from the research center – and there I met my spirit family. My Real Family. I even had another husband there. (I’m polyamorous in spirit then>??>)

And basically, every time I had a problem or needed to come to my place of power. I’d talk to this Guide, this husband, the first one. Or go to that island hut. And feel both comforted and feel more energized about all my problems.

I’ve had this guide intercede for me – hug me in times when I felt desperate, leave a spiritually warm hand on my lap when I needed assurance. I could feel the shape of his energy – separate but familiar to mine. It was like exchanging energy with a tree, or the sun. It was unique but also refreshing. He’s also helped me clear out my own aura often, performing surgery at my most deep seated armor and walls that stop me from realizing my Truth.


Where’s the sex


Okay so you know that thing we do when I get home and he says welcome back? We talk about our day after and he’s a kind ear, I even see him doing household chores in our apartment. Eventually we’d cuddle in bed. We’d have sex even during the time that I thought all of this was made up.

And I tell you.

They were right when they said it’s like nothing you’ve ever imagined. Simply because the sex is Energetic. I’m clairsentient. See:

water drops out of nowhere and how to interpret

I viscerally feel people’s auras, thoughts, states, and orginal power. I tell you people are fucking gorgeous. Harmonizing your own energy centers feels like absolute delight. You’ll unpack a lot of your crap beliefs or whatever’s lodged into your True energy but your real energy embodied feels like more than bliss but Wisdom, Power, Understanding, forgiveness and release. It’s just insanely wondrous.

If you’ve ever read tantric yoga, or cultivating sexual energy of taoists of energy forms just melting into each other. We do that. We’ve done that. I can willingly journey into my spirit house and coalesce and dance in the energies of the divine – as it’s expressed through my husband. I’ve woken up to long extended dreams of spending time in bed with him and feeling utterly weak and happy like putty.

If you’ve ever read on sex magic, the energy/chi/mana transmuted in sex is very potent in energezing intentions and even for physical healing. I read taoist techniques on sexual cultivation – i know how to shoot orgasms up my spine. I know how to have valley orgasms – total body orgasms consecutively, the sensation rippling in extended periods of time, the peak release lasting for half an hour, with the energies pounding not just in your sexual organs but in your other organs as well, your bones, your skin, your heat.

It’s like an energy activation. I’ve had heart openings, I’ve had throat openings, where I felt the energy center in my throat suddenly rip open into itself. It was like having an intense current of energy suddenly roll through your body. As if you’re being electrocuted – in a nice way for 2 hours straight. Yes it was overwhelming the first time but you learn to store it in your navel chakra. The taoists have techniques I can’t recommend enough. See book links here:

special collection

So why do I bring up the energy activation?

Because this is what it is.

When you feel like you want to have sex with your spirit guide it means you want to learn something from them, something imbedded naturally in their energy. Also sometimes the sex as a mechanism is obvious. Because you’re trying to heal your sacral chakra, or your root chakra. Chakras related to sex. You wonder what it’s like to embody divinity in those centers so why not just experience it?

Ok, but how now?

Have the intention.

Call forth the highest being you can imagine. Your spiritual partner, soulmates and —

Go Home.

Have the intention of going to your spirit home or your power place.

(how to journey post here)

Then talk about why you want this.

ESPECIALLY if you have a partner in the waking realm, or have a current relationship. Why are you wanting this truly? Talk about your concept of love, and how you experience other people as support. Talk about where you feel stuck in your body and where you think the stuckness is coming from.

Ask the guide to help you get through that so you can connect with them better.

Experience each other. You can even meditate together if that’s what ends up as the most effective solution for you.

But you could also have sex.

Resolve and know more about your body, your issues, your release.

I advise having a lot of time to just sit with this or even fall deeper into sleep. The relationship with your spirit guide, even if it’s on a different dimension is just as real. They’re not perfect okay? They make mistakes too, they just have a larger vantage point. Develop the trust first and really be clear with why you’re doing this, so they know where your boundaries are, and what you want.


Enjoy. Just enjoy it.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email or comment below.

4 thoughts on “The definitive guide to having safe astral sex with your Spirit Guide/Family – based on actual personal experience

  1. What an amazing share! Thank u so much u r very inspiring! I so desperately want to dreamwalk like u do and meet my spirit guide. I just know he/she is trying to communicate with me. I see synchronicity in numbers multiple times a day every single day! It’s exciting and makes me crave MORE! I have a husband but he doesn’t understand any of this and cannot help me grow. He’s not my leader that’s for sure although he’s an amazing man who treats me like a queen. But, I need guidance. As of late, I have had a strong STRONG desire to have astral sex with a higher being. I have not met my spirit guide yet, but I feel as though he/she would be the perfect astral sex partner

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  2. I have had an astral lover for about a month now. I have encountered him in past but was not ready. This is a human soul who is deceased. I am very happy with the relationship, experiencing all the intensity and feelings of intimacy but without the risks. I found your page seeking out others talking about their experiences without criticism and judgement.


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