How to heal past lives and receive messages in dreams

ok. This is going to sound ridiculously simple, but do hear me out. I’m just gonna hit you with it.

Before sleeping, just make sure you relax.

And have the intention of:

  1. Remembering your Dream
  2. Deep healing, no matter what it takes. An important message, past-life akashic access doesn’t matter. Just ask for healing in the deepest sense. Mean it, and drink this intention into every square inch of your body. Breathe it deeply until you fall asleep.

That’s it. I mean it.

If you wanted a longwinded example of what healing messages and past life experiences could be accessed in dreams. Stay tuned. Here are some of mine.

Caveat: I love and respect skepticism.

I have fought long and hard about my whole drama about some dreams feeling more real than “this” reality. How I was so tired living through so many vivid dreams that I researched long and hard if i accidentally opened a portal in my bed because I could relate to astral travel forums but not exactly. I digested the concept for a long time and I consulted a trusted mentor of mine.

I dreamwalk. I’m a high-level dreamwalker. I unwind karma in those realms, and it’s as literal as wanting someone i miss to reply and they’d reply in the dream. It would feel like practice, as if my body was rehearsing what it would feel like and asses where the desire really came from. Sometimes it felt more Real than Real, like they replied on a different level. Who knows right? I’m just here to share my experience.

I’ll share some of what I would call pivotal dreams of mine and hey they make a good story. These were also the dreams that felt like this Reality.

DREAM STORY 1: Fish Dream

I’m watching in a floating pod on a movie screen a hypothetical life. I have my parents also in similiar pods watching the movie. Screens don’t normally appear in dreams but in this one they do. I both know I’m watching from a pod and swimming as a fish in a research center. the description lines up to soul reincarnation decks in past life regression books.

It’s like finding Dory, a large aquatic research center on an island. And we’re all research fish never having heard of the ocean. The ocean is like a myth, where all our ancestors are born, it’s basically Heaven. The humans are also deemed as gods since they clean our tanks and they feed us food and brought us from the ocean. We’re all reminded of this during the coming of age ceremony, kinda like my debut as an nth birthday as a fish. The principal fish goes to town preaching to all of us on a platform/podium.

My brother (in this life and fish life) takes me aside and mutters how the principal is just a load of bull. How there are rumors that humans actually eat fish and how we shouldn’t believe the principal. Paulo (a friend of mine) comes up to me at my other side and defends the principal and how she means well, and how humans are nice and feed us food.

I get momentarily bullied by a group of girl fish but I’m more fed up with not being sure of anything. I relent to my brother. Fine let’s go to the illegal part of the aquarium.

We go there.

There we see a view of the restaurant. We see humans, visitors to the research center museum, eating – fish. It was grotesque, it was life shattering for my fish brain. My brother is arrogant about being right and Paulo still argues about how the principal and worshipping humans retains order. They bicker in increasing loudness until I just yell – stop.


So I fling myself out of the water. Gasping HELP at this passing waiter.

The waiter was mostly like. Wtf, a fish. Is talking.

So he runs up to the sink and finds a blender.

I’m mortified. But he fills it up with water, he can find nothing else. He scoops me in and I miss the blades. He covers the top with his hand and he runs to the restaurant. It’s night time. The restaurant is holding a wedding reception. It’s busy. He talks to his manager, his boss.

He says – boss, what do i do with the fish?

The manager is busy with the guests, doesn’t really pay attention to the fact that I, the fish, am capable of talking. He says – well put it back in the ocean where it belongs – as if saying DUH.

My first reaction was – the ocean is REAL?! And i still remember my little fish heart pounding upon seeing the beach the endless surf. It was night time so the beachtime restaurant glowed with lights while the ocean was just this darkness and bathed with stars.

He threw me at the beach.

Then I became a person. To my fish brain, that meant I was a god. It was so weird, it was like being born in my original flesh. I remember looking at my hands and seeing my white beach dress. The reception is mine, I’m married. I pick up pearl earrings on the beach. I know they’re mine.

A man emerges from the surf ala birth of Venus. I kid you not. He just comes out of it, and I recognize his energy immediately. I knew – to my bones. This is my husband.

Then he says with his arms outstretched – took you long enough.

((TOOK WHAT LONG ENOUGH? Awakening? Risking death and all that I know for Coming Home? To get to Ocean? Discover the Existence of Heaven?? WHAT EXACTLY))

Then we swam to an island where my Real Family was. I see, and recognize energies I’ve spent previous lives with. I see kids, a comedian, i shockingly see another husband. I swim awkwardly in my human body.

End of Dream.

// After this dream I was so sure that soul families existed. And that I had a past lover who was guiding me all the time. It was like a big walloping confirmation. I don’t know if we’re gods masked a men.

DREAM STORY 2: tree dream

A lesson:

So the dreams starts with a very dreary oppressive feeling kind of urbanscape. It’s raining and I feel lost. I keep trying to catch a ride to some place but it’s like there are no buses anymore.

I try to retrace my steps and I see a japanese policeman. He says he’ll help bring me home. I feel like I’m a lost child. We wander the streets and we slowly morph into smaller beings, me a little person riding a talking rabbit.

He’s nice. He tours me around the city, points out to me all the stuff I missed before because I was so miserable. The grass, the dandelions, the stars. We travel for a long time, in hiding. We stay small and travel at night.

We arrive at an inn. It’s cute – very Hayao Miyazaki esque. It’s tranquil and I know it’s a healing place. I register at front to kind talking mother tree. I spend time there. I feel like a long time has passed to a point that I become an attendee in the healing inn knowing it’s practices.

But then the tree mother gave me a series of images. As if she couldn’t parse words but kept flashing it to me as if saying – remember remember remember! It was the photo of the inn. A palace in the first, a house on the second, a hut that is overgrown by an ancient tree on the third.

It told me, one day, you must leave this spiritplace. And on the day i left the innkeeper/tree mother became a broken piece of red decoration for my hair.

Two house guests, foxes wanted to steal it from me. They couldn’t, so they just stayed with me and became my friends.

The hairpiece helped me shift forms, a bird with larger wings, and glistening feathers. This is a trip Home, there is no use for hiding anymore

I came home to my traditional ancestral house, and saw it desolate. As if more time has passed in this world compared to that and there is nothing left anymore. The twin foxes started picking up pieces, asking me hey where does this go? What first? Sometimes they look like sheep, sometimes little people

Tree mother asked me, so We are building with you, who will you invoke? She even helps me go through some transformations – a great elephant spirit for lifting, a jaguar for speed and so on.

In this Building, the Dream ends.


A bit of context, this second dream I’m sharing is fairly recent. Around Feb 2019. Dream realm is basically telling me I graduated. Before this I have used spirituality both for healing and for escape.

I had legitimate wounds to wake up to and lick myself better for, sure. But I also used my sanctuary – the beach island house, my shamanic practices to disconnect from this life.

I mean hey, if you could dreamwalk in other realms and settle karma and heal through metaphor why not right? But it’s done. I don’t need to hide who I am anymore, no more rabbit guiding me in the dead of the night.

I could be seen now. Glistening and flying in broad daylight. I can come in any – form. All the karma and expectations of my family – gone. No more hooks, I can’t even try to hold it up even if I tried. It’s like I’ve been rewired to my core.

I operate under different rules. So many spirits accompany me, both as helpers or greater beings I invoke. I can no longer deny my energetic multi-dimensionality. It’s so deep now. So no more hiding.

PS: I have other message dreams scattered in my blog but yeah those are a couple. If you want help decoding a dream, you could book a reading with me under private consultations.

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