What your favorite Avatar:The legend of Aang Character says about you

Oh how they say that questions reveal more than words. Fire, water, wind – air. Only the master of the four elements of our internal landscape could even(!) come to grips to the workings of our internal universes. We/You like these characters, what does that ever say about you?


HAVE one?



1. Toph Beifong

How sheltered were you?

What’s your brand of blindness?

What big repressed anger is packed into a smallness, in tight spaces, in shit you can’t run from? 

How frustrated are you with acting prim and proper?

How privileged are you? How much do you hate that? 

How much does cracking the perfect facade of a perfect daughter make you feel better?

an undone bed

unkept nails

Rebellion in every square inch of earth bending mastery. How at odds is your true self with who you are with birth? 

What’s your earth rumble moment?

How did you invent metal bending?

2. Avatar Aang

What spiritual tradition did you come from?

What trauma of the times have you been born into?

How are you expected to carry it? What delusional possibility made you the chosen one?

Did you ever try to run away from your “destiny”?

Did you regret doing that?

Did you forgive yourself?

Has your faith ever been at odds with falling in love with another?

Have you ever had to trade your destiny, power, responsibility for a selfish kind of loving?

What heritage tempers you to be wiser?

How did you transcend?

How is it that you journey to the spirit world?

3. Sokka

Have you ever felt incompetent in the world that treasured a different kind of talent or skill? Non benders in a land of bending, warriors in a land of war, birds in a land of sky

How the hell did you over-compensate child?

How’d you keep your wits? 

How did you invent your own genius?

How do you fall back on logic? To what rag tag team of a family do you bring back the rationality? 

Who is your sister?

What war are you just finding yourself pulled into? 

What is your playful legacy?

4. General Iroh

What loss defined your compassion?

How have you explored the “Other” and found a more balanced practice of your tribe? What is your curios exploration of water bending.

Have you ever lived out the sins of your family of your nation, adopted a very angry, but lovable child?

Have you ever tried running away from a warring past in a delusional tea shop, or a veneer of ignorance or forgetfulness?

How do you hide your motives?

What harmless armor do you put up to keep your loved ones safe but at a distance?

What opportunity are your waiting for to shed passiveness and strategy to finally rise the sleeping dragon? Your old, irreconcilable self.

5. Katara

Who did you mother? How did you have to fulfill a parenting role to early in life?

In what ways was your fate denied of you? Teachers not taking you, or being half way across the world?

How are you a healer? What slighted group have you come to aid?

When have you been self-righteous? Over zealous? 

When has your strong sense of justice lead you to too many arguments and/or quick judgements of people?

Do you find it hard to forgive? 

How has love expanded your understanding and heavy hand?

6. Zuko

What family trauma have you unjustly suffered and carried for far too long?

What prestige are you born into? Both a boon and a bane?

How do you brood? What tyranny or systemic abuse have you been so blind to?

How do you take pride in your skill but hunt blindly like a single-minded dog?

– is it militarization, necessary war? Maybe it’s the poor staying poor who the hell knows.

How have you been broken repeatedly by Life? By seeming Allies, and a loss of all the rules and worlds and comforts you’ve known.

How did you grow from each of these rock bottoms? Betrayals? Shatterings?

How did you go through the process of redemption? 

How have you been repeatedly misjudged by your past?

How did you become a bridge for forgiveness and beginnings? 

7. Azula

How are you alone?

How are you jealous?

What is your relationship with Power and Manipulation?

How are you ambitious? Self-affirmed, intimidating, and viciously motivated? —- or do you deeply admire that about azula and are lacking in those entirely?

More importantly, how are you really with your brother?

How do assassinate traits you fear in other people?

8. Appa (and other fantastical animals and spirits)

Do you like animals and stuffed toys?

What emotions come up for you communing with them?

What simplicities do they have that are absent from human affairs?
What virtues?

How are those things you seek to embody in yourself?


Which one of these charas piss you off? The ones you find hard to relate to? Now – what does that say about you hmmm??

Archetypes and problems can be universal enough to recognize them within yourself – the question is really if you willing to master all your elements..

your soul is welcome here

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