What really is the worth of the human experience? A review of Good Omens

This will be in unquivocal praise of the new 6 episode series of Good Omens on Amazon Prime. I’ve recommended it in my facebook wall, on twitter and my IG stories but now I think I owe a review of it on deep meditative blog because I’ve already allowed he story to percolate about my mind.

I think the best part of Good Omens is that it posits that the human experience must be saved.

From the perspective of an angel and a demon who has lived here for too long.

This is – more or less – an occult blog, mega-trippy with wisdom that will take supernatural entities – fucking seriously only because I’ve actually talked to angels. I’ve talked to spirits who are so enamored about human beings – being human. And this has dumbfounded me for the longest time.

Trees were beautiful, angels were these balls of radiant light – and humans? We’re messy. So how can you be in love with us too?

And I’ve grappled with this with a bit of back and forth but I think Crowley and Aziraphale really got it.

Mozart and Beethoven wrote songs. Aziraphale really liking sushi, not even needing to eat – but is interested with a way a human dreams food recipes and experiences – and is willing to desecrate “a divine temple” for desserts. It’s, the little things. It’s the weird physical mechanics of our waking life.

It’s the bentley, it’s listening to queen while on a drive.

Humanity musn’t be saved on some grand philosophical or even theoretical argument. It must be saved because the tactile experience of your mundane living – IS divine. Is delightful, delectable. Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchet could have written the angels falling in love with a human, or wanting to gain power with armageddon or something to motivate them differently.

But no. They just wanted to eat the food that they were eating, the music, to continue a life that we typically live already. That terrible mundanity – is what makes life worth living – worth saving. Worth delaying an anti-christ armageddon for.

And I can commend other parts of the show – how god’s voice is a woman, that the main pair has these gorgeous overtones of romance and deep friendship, that they looked old and that the archangels and the four horsemen of the apocalypse were perfectly portrayed.

But I really find my heart settling on that one little note.

That our boring ass experience – that we’re so typically numbed in?

Angels and demons have thwarted gods and wars for that. For that popsicle stick, for a drive in your car.

I don’t know if I’m going on a huge sentimental phase of my living in life but when Aziraphale just goes God’s plan is ineffable – I can’t help but relate.

We really don’t know anything! So you just really soak in everything that’s in front of you. Live in the moment per se.

And as much as I enjoy this moment maybe I’ll swing back to this article another time as life calls me to attend to other things.

But for now,

This has been Maria

your soul is welcome here

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