How to physically tap into Heart Wisdom ><3<

Let’s tap into it–

We often hear the “truism” follow your heart! But barely know what that feels. We try to think about it, try to see the rational aspects of putting passion and purpose before practical aspects of life — run around in the head for a few miles and then kind of give up on this whole “heart thing”.

How does your heart feel?

How open is your chest?

What does your heart long for? What is it really saying?

How about trying this on for size — in the breadth of reading this article, why don’t you take your thumb and gently press and rub at the very center of your chest? Slowly easing your heart open reading this text not with your eyes but from this point that you’re gently rubbing. It could feel new and foreign but that’s okay, let’s try this as a little experiment okay?

Can you find and settle at the softest space of your heart?

What color does the insides of your heart feel like?

What are your debris?

It’ surprising how specificly you can answer those questions. How physical the matters of the heart can be. It’s quite literally how easy can you breathe from that center and how safe your nervous system feels from this space. Can you stay here? Will you?

The wisdom of the heart-soul

For most people, they go about most of their days in their head, disconnected from their heart. I don’t just mean this metaphorically I also mean this Physically!

As someone who can feel and see people’s energies/auras I can quite physically tell when people’s energies are heavy and laboring backflips in their mind-space or are dropping in the peacefulness and truthfulness of their heart. It’s literally A PHYSICAL decision as much as it is a spiritual one because for most parts a lot of the wisdom of the heart sounds illogical and invalid but is actually deeply healing, and more efficient when trusted and gone through.

My experience of leading from the heart-soul

An example of this is some of the soul lessons I learned from last year. From my ego-mind last year for me was about trying to get to my artistic voice, trying to put myself more out there, trying to commit to becoming who I actually am with not only my time and space, but with my money in the bank. I let go of my 9-5pm and was sucker punching following (kinda mind-yelling valley) trying to plow through my deep childhood regrets and fears trying to come up with something.

Now you see the problem here is — that I was fucking scared. I was right about retracing my steps from childhood, my passions, frustrations and interests knowing there is energy locked in there — but I kept trying to do everything myself or kept trying to let my mind figure everything out.

Good thing I had really good friends who reminded me to not only “power through” but to allow my heart to sing it’s own song and well — basically let Love lead me. And what happened was my heart travelled into a lot of spaces and connected with a lot of —


You see it was like my heart had a compass and these people didn’t have to be perfect, aligned or energetically happy. They just had to be there and my heart to be open to listen. For example — I always felt invalidated and lonely about my artistic visions or tastes. They were too different, unorthodox and I always ended up tired and frustrated in my art making. It was like I was fighting inspiration.

But then my heart was telling me to try the streetdance scene. Both of which were way outside of my comfort zone and quite frankly intimidated the HELL out of me. The streetdance scene was full of very confident skilled, and admittedly very ATTRACTIVE GORGEOUS People and all my childhood wounds of feeling like a fat insecure anime dork just came raging up to the surface.

So for them to look at me as a new friend, to say they appreciate my perspective of things. To validate — hey i like your dancing. To have the same thoughts as me, even when they’re not as esoterically inclined or energetically sensitive –it felt deliciously GROUNDING. I felt seen. The struggle about art, the passions, the family woes — we’re more alike than you expect and suddenly I had these really powerful humans who suddenly felt like they were on my team!

I was also deeply reminded of the value of all the things I previously learned as I was called to teach and share things I’ve known for a while. Partner dancing, my background in theater. And even how I handled my previous heartaches (LOL). And it was so much easier than I thought — my new friends just had to ask that out of me — like they were evoking more of my heart to be present since

Our hearts are connected.

See I know that there is a lot of internal work in spiritual realizations. But trust me when I say that the heart is Evoked by others. By their pains, struggles, passions loves. The heart is pulled and pushed and grows 10 times larger. It becomes Stronger. What used to be impossible suddenly become easy.

So when the heart calls you forth to a certain place to a certain instance or to say a certain thing — it’s because it’s pointing you to the easier! and fastest! route to learning a thing. You don’t have to do all the loving yourself there is so much of the world that wants to love you back.

Yes! you are the prime authority of your life, but you can CHOOSE to be helped my people. And that is what was one of the major soul lessons for me from my heart last year. And by god is it so beautiful.

The physical labor of clearing the heart

Which brings me back squarely to the beginning of the article. How often do we live in the heart? Or even breathe down to our bellies?

For a lot of us this is a skill to be learned, and the body learns faster and better when there is energies and neurons for it to model. So when I do energetic sessions online — I’ll be frank.

I just Love you. I connect your heart to mine, and with universal love (and consciousness) and allow all of that to plow and clear through all that is blocking you (and me) from more love, expansion and learning.

If you’re game to root more into the heart or consult me about your own energetic blockages feel free to email me at for a session! (

Otherwise, leave a comment! I’d love to hear about where your heart is and feels right now? And what have been some major lessons you’ve learned with each time it’s opened.

your soul is welcome here

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