And a big flame descended unto the earth as a big host of an angel, with glitters that grew like eyes and a thundering magnetic pull. It’s tongues of flames moved precisely glitched and slower; skin shifting the images behind it like it was living blown glass



01 +.   What virtue does this angel pray to? How does life light bend in their air?

>>Describe how they nestle at the foot of your bed.<<

Does their height reach the ceiling, ah perhaps the room has changed hues. Like a comic book or an old sunset painting. Maybe watercolor that has bleed thru blank ink, or harsh black cut-outs a visitation. A visitation ought not to feel common place we are but transient

mvbbn.. mvbbn.. mvbbn

It intones three times. 02 +.   What is the song that instantly brings tears of awe in your eyes? Was it your feet sinking and disappearing into sand? Or the rush of wind in ears in a summer day an old punk record? Someone’s special voice.

>>Describe how the song is familiar and different.<<

It leans it’s (choose: hand/forehead/wrist/neck/navel/foot) on your ((choose: hand/forehead/wrist/neck/navel/foot)). Feel the energy sublimate into that area. Does it soften? Or is pulled in like a vacuum? Maybe it whirrs like a loud vending machine or spinner. Celestial tones and happenings miracles and happenstances don’t necessarily occur in the way we imagine. Yes the blessed water, tingles, warm hot fire occur — but it can all be like being pulled like taffy, or the sensation of breaking off a stubborn piece of bread. The feeling of getting stuck food in your teeth out.

<<that’s what being touched feels like.>>

>>extend this feeling to the rest of your body<<

Just let it. Like a mouth dropping open in hunger or a body spent plopping on the floor pillow bed grass whatever. Mud pies. Being buried in pillows and thick blankets Consumption. A flurry of puppies or rabbits or chickens trailing your tail biting your legs feeling newly bathed newly watered consecrated and pure and what I mean by that is that you feel fresh you feel fresh when this particular odd sensation has now fully tasted . Your body. 

“ Finally. 

It says. The whirring fans of gears and ingredients are set in place. Like dust settling down to the pits and having yourself a clear glass of water. You. Have become as iridescent as the presence. You are the loud song and hum, you are a verb verbing radiating — changing. Notice how the aspect that of the angel represents is Universal but pulls all things else into a changing moving orbit. Stillness and movements. You here; and a you running from past here future.

Before the angel. After the angel. Now the angel. 

03 +. Describe how you feel differented. Are your limbs longer? Eyes turned a sequined purple perhaps you pop out wings with the quality of surface ocean glinting water. Maybe your mouth just tastes something sweet — like a meal you haven’t imagined yet or can’t quite remember but was oh so satisfying and you feel like you don’t need nothin to do but lie there in bed feeling. Feeling this good. 

The angel cocks it’s head. Eyes like twisting mills like folding arms trying to replace itself. 

“ ——Wh/at’s—// t—ha—/t?

It grumbles like a cat, or whatever creature you find endearing different but familiar. It’s caressing with it’s gaze the thing in your aura. A not you-ness a floating thing. An ephemeral thing —a din of noise and emotion; a ball and chain an institutional rig :- = oh ah that thing.

>> describe that thing that’s been attached to you for a while <<

<<yes, yes that one, your new friend is curious>>

It shifts like a plant, shy with it’s photoreceptors. Perhaps the small factory spews out blood and small small shrieking. Maybe a disfigured hand shows a ring of someone something forgotten;  and more details are fleshed like a morphing cocoon or a baked cake, what’s real rises and like the clear light that bathes a carcass in a flat white tone   it exposes that thing that’s been harboring on your chest thighs hips gut spine viscera bowels eyes face ears 


You made the angel’s face do bewildered.

The thing squirms in the light a little bit more. The angel.. wants to lick it — taste it, take a bite at it

You place a hand on it’s head. 

No need for that: you say. you. You .. exactly know what it is.

04 +. Describe to the angel how this first arrived in your body maybe like stray spores brought by unlucky winds. Or a death clamp not so noble folk have bound to your feet long ago. Speak to it of your troubles in it’s language of light —/?THE DIN OF THE ROOM?/__TRANSLATES?>/FOR—YOU. .you allow yourself to have tongues possessed by lyricians or whatever psychopomp could decipher the image

>>describing is fun<<

God why is the thing moving while you’re talking about it.

Shit the things is moving while you’re talking about it.


Time stops. At least only for that thing on you. It’s like a living squirming octopus now frozen like marbled stone. Or maybe like a sculptural glass chocolate foundant thing. Decorative pretty.

Why the fuck does the angel want to—

“ ——i eat. things.

It gives you a wry soft .. cute smile. Softens it’s gaze. Consumption Annihilation Purification. Extraction can be a sensual delight, no need for dry scalpels surgery clinical operation. Like breathing again or satisfied thirst or hunger.

“ good. It feels    good.

It feels.. good. To become again. To pulse with more of you again. The angel crawls around. Who the hell 

Jesus god the angel likes you convinces you begs you like a smooth and relaxing lover. Allows you to feel fully on relaxed terrified and excited at the same time. The hand it asks you to lead it’s hand (/hands) to your ailing body part. To smoothen rough edges, flatten wrinkled parts. Like dead branches just breaking off a weighted down tree, that wants to remember spring. That’s what that hand feels like

>> you may cry as you place it’s hand on you<<




<< The presence of an angel >>

Chomp. Chew chew chew.

Easier than expected, the not you thing breaks off. They eat it like a tootsie roll or maybe allow it to melt like cotton candy. Do angels have tongues>?? The not thing dissipates. Is absorbed into the angel’s GRACE POWER CONTINEnTS. //<<//<,/??<<. that. Okay

Look at the part that was just eaten off.

What it look like down there? You okay?

The angel leans it’s body on you. Like a weighted blanket like the touch of a friend you’re begging and missing but it engulfs you a thousand fold and it’s the feeling of soft dappled sunlight and happiness. The angel is leaking happiness and is crying through it’s body and drenching you. In your laughing you kind of drink it up. 


You don’t really notice -how when / or why the scarring has gone. But it has. There is nothing there. No evidence. No thing lying in it’s wake. Only yourself just there in bed dripping from an embrace. 

cheeky. fucking—.


It’s like a vision a flashbang but it doesn’t blind you. Just startles you like when you turn on the light suddenly after staying in the dark for too long. Or the way nice cool water hits after you’ve been sweaty all day long. Surprising and


You breathe into the air. Feeling the dust and gulls settle. It’s gone with your wound, your not self wound thing with it. A part of you feeling full

Feeling fed.

For/ para kay dox.

From Jamie

13 april 2020

By Maria of Sword Prince Games

For all the living life that wants to visit, 

may you open the doors of your senses and arrive.

purchase/support the story here: https://mariabumby.itch.io/sunrays or send any amount to paypal: mariabumby@yahoo.com

your soul is welcome here

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