Dreamwalking / Dreamwork basics pt.1

Hello! I’m maria and I work w dreams a lot. I’m energetically/psychicly sensitive enough to pick up on images when people talk about them and I feel and experience dreams as a kind of language and puzzle of understanding the self.

You Probably already know that.

You’ve picked up some dream images book, metaphysical meaning of what what not and am trying to come into grips with like okay. My dreams are really vivid, I might be meeting spirits and receiving messages and seeing places.. what .. what do I do?

To be honest it’s kind of intimidating/overwhelming to engage in dreamwork. If anything it’s so limitless it’s so easy to get lost, unfocused and ungrounded w/ engaging w/ this kind of work so let me give you a frame work for all of this to make sure you avoid the common pitfalls in dreamwork and make the most out of your dream realm experiences.

Let’s get to it.

01. Have an Overarching general intention.

It’s really simple. For the highest good and healing love and light of all for myself and everyone involved. That’s it. We’re going to have a lot of ways to ask questions and design intentions and spaces and move across and create and seed dream realms BUT IT’S JUST REALLY SUPER VITAL AND IMPORTANT. That you have an underlying intention that comes from your heart that you’re doing this that LOVES YOURSELF YEAH?

I am so touched. When i have friend and/or clients who genuinely have good hearts going into this. They access other people’s nightmares or like take-up other people’s woes and pains cause there are parts of their souls that are curious or wants to save. Other people think that they’re cursed w psychic abilities or having night terrors and visitations.

Okay, honey please listen to me. None of those are necessary. Dreams and access to those dimensions is like having a cellphone that can dial any number. You are under no obligation to receive calls that are meant for other people, or to post your number publicly to like spirits who are bored?? or unascended.

So HAVE THAT INTENTION. Highest good and love and light and all that good shit for ALL. and only the most competent ascended healed spirits interact with you and do so in ways that are clear and legible to you. remember.

You have a lot more agency and power here than you think.

So if bad shit is coming up, if some weird recurring patterns are happening in your space. Like weird demonic esque spirits or nightmares or like some shadows looming or haunting from behind you. LET ME REMIND YOU. You have full creative authority for that to be not in your experience.

maria, … how do I do that?

02. Remember to pray, intend!! before you fall asleep.

Some powerful christian dream healers imagine themselves falling in a lap of an angel or the heart of god before falling asleep. Everybody has some very relaxing image or favorite place that is instantaneously calming or feels DEEPLY DEEPLY safe to them. For me it’s being tucked in a giant soft growing leaf. or being dipped into a pure water of my own essence. of my pure signature or song or light.

It’s not so hard! Everybody has images and sensations that are deeply resonant w them. Think back to your favorite films, memories, or daydreams as a child. What places evoked a deep sense of calm and rest to you? FEEL THAT. Make it as real as possible. What sensations are there? What color? What sounds? What temperature is the air there is there a slow rustle of wind? Is the earth damp is there a faint smell of salt air? Make it REAL. TANGIBLE.

Until your body really believes and experiences itself as resting in that place. In a half dream space. I understand that a lot of dreamspaces feel like they’re out of this world but the way we move into them, the way we ease into our sleep is also a way to signal to our subconscious that.


I want deep rest. And I want to be safe.

I guarantee you this completely eliminates a lot of nightmares, but also a lot of spontaneous astral projections and out of body experiences that are needlessly tiring. CAUSE MAY I REMIND YOU. You kinda want to wake up feeling well rested right? SO ASK FOR IT.

03. And ask in the way that dreams understand which is through image and sensations.

So really root into how relaxed you feel that one time that summer you fell asleep in the grass and had no care in the world or just ask your body hey — i wonder what it feels like if i had a 10,000usd massage or if I had the absolute luxury of sleeping gorgeously for 10,000 years?

Ask those questions openly until sensations arise in your body and pay attention to that! Pay attention to how deep you breathe or how like a lot of tensions just drop AND. STAY OPENLY CURIOUS–

hey what if had the best sleep of my life?

hey what if I had 200 more years of like this deep delicious DNA healing body detox yummy nourishing elixir of life bath yea like ooh baby how does that feel?

like just get those reps in! just keep asking! don’t overthink the 1% technique have the 10,000% conviction of really being curious of how would it feel in your body to receive all of that. I promise you your body would love to answer you.

Please try/get a hang of this before diving into too much research!

But I’ll be otherwise posting more blog articles soon! It’s been a while since I updated my site and I’m really glad to be back. I feel so different and better and still the same in heart and essence and I’m excited to share w/ more of you!

Check out services if you want to have anything personally check by me or have any questions and situations you want me to really check via spirit with.

PS: if you’re having a hard time sleeping I recommend listening to HZ music or listening to hypnosis track before dozing off to sleep. Some of those videos have really strong energies that helps you make a nice container of intentions that you’re otherwise having a hard to setting by yourself.


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