Dreamwalking / Dreamwork basics pt.2

Okay maria. So okay I’ve been having these intense almost lucid vivid dreams of like people and spirits and worlds but like.. I don’t know what to do with them? How do these things work?? Also I’m not crazy right? I mean am I just talking to a projection of like my friend or Um???

You’re doing great!

First of all, if this helps you, does it matter if it’s “just” a projection? We’re all like One in the end anyway so we’re like a lot more connected than we think. And as much as we have projections in our space of like the people we think about and love; we also have legit energetic connections/cords/paths to them.

In much in the same way that we get “visited” by just passed on grandparents or like “being answered” by prayers for these specific ancestors.

Personally I’ve had experiences of grandparents visiting to deliver legit messages but sometimes it’s just me wanting to converse w an aspect of me that I feel like suits the skin of my grandmother. Both is fine, both is valid. Trust yourself on this, it’s just you. You don’t have to be scared.

Just a quick run-down of misconceptions.

01. Do I bother them? Do they get tired?

Okay imagine an onion. We exist in all dimensions in all space and timelines all the time forever and always. The tiny self, the one reading this can be in 4d or like operating on a 4 vibe but the version of you that’s radiating at a thousand also definitely exists.

Now when you’re talking to a spirit version of your family. Or like jesus, as long as your intentions are CLEAR (read Dreamwalking pt.1) you will be interfacing with infinite 100000d version of them. IT’S TOTALLY FINE.

You can learn and ask for as much help as you like. You are deeply deserving of love and healing and the version of your parent you’re talking to is not exactly the parent you know but like ascended masterful 10,000 watt version of them so like. Please drop all the shame of asking for things, and being inquisitive, and learning and growing and healing in the dream realm.

If someone appears and you have no idea what to do try a few questions on for size:

01 what does this person/ their energy represent in my life?

02 how is my relationship w this person?

03 what do i need to hear from them right now?

Try to ask these questions as RADICALLY RIDICULOUSLY honestly as possible. I swear dream/astral/mystical realm hoopla interfaces with your authentic truth. So if you REALLY want to know just really sit with that feeling and intention and let it rip. You will get an answer or have it revealed to you eventually.

02. I get pulled/absorbed into a dream and feel really ungrounded — what do I do? How do I set up boundaries when I’m travelling?

This is an excellent question. Actually I love how boundaries is brought up as a topic. Cause just how much I bring up and emphasize agency with all this — you being grounded is part of the intention you can set. HOW TO DO THAT?

Okay for me how I go about it is I visualize a pool of my original signature, blueprint, energy, light, song. Like how god dreamt of me. JUST ME. With no other intentions or helpers or whatever. I even visualize myself naked just to really feel that it’s just rawly truly authentically ME. ME. and I see myself pulsate and drink this pool elixir of me deeper and longer and longer like steeped in me.

Like a gong that’s resounded a hundred times. And like all the projects and intentions and these spirits that want to help me interface with the outer shell of my aura, but otherwise I am floating in this amiotic fluid of who I am in Truth. And Love.


Go through this visualization and really remark within yourself the feeling of you. And have the running intention that you never want to leave this spot. Or that this feeling is carried within you to the boundaries of your energetic body as you say — dip into whatever location you want to visit.

This makes sure you are VERY CLEAR. That this is YOUR ENERGY. And that it is not to be messed with. It also makes sure you’re like a household appliance that’s plugged into it’s power source. Make sure you’re plugged into yourself before you go waltzing around.

In waking life I also advice you to explore plugging into the center of the earth esp if you want to be grounded. I know this is like a broken record amongst, spirituality blogs but god it’s like this necessary stupid proof thing where you MUST experience being HELD. BEING TRULY HELD by the earth. Just get your reps in. It gets easier.

So your own light + mother earth. And you’re pretty safe and good to be travelling elsewhere. If it helps, I love usually signing/creating contracts when I get into these things just to really feel the commitment of these things.

Like I imagine a Personal Assistant, ala orb of light and I hold up a piece of paper in dream space where I truly and deeply declare that no one IS FUCKING! Allowed to mess with my own light and energy. like cut absorb digest extricate everything that is not me out of me and i forgive and say sorry all timelines where I let that boundary be passed. Like let healing happen across all realities as applicable and highest and best good for all. YES! AND BANG SIGNED!! always true unless I say otherwise.

Being unmoored in dream journeys is NOT NECESSARY. If you have a hard time creating this space see my services page and we could like meditate together but I trust you and you can do this.

03. I don’t understand the messages/ I want the messages to be clearer.

You know sometimes you really need to just simplify things. Write down a list of like everything that you’re like pulled or attracted towards in terms of dream images. So like okay this life of mine as like a chinese princess, umm some weird conversation w/ my mom, this recurring dream of like shadows and shit.

Okay cool you have a list.

Now, honey. I understand we’re all limitless and shit. My shaman mentor once told me i’ve had like 13 portals in my bed where like my souls like run around and travel through different dreams and resolve a hundered thousand shit at the same time and that sounds exciting and all — BUT YOU’RE HUMAN.




And there’s a beauty to simplicity. So take the list and be like okay I love myself and will make time for what I REALLY NEED. And like before going to bed really like powerfully rest into your like original true wise nature and be like. Okay which one of these things do I need clarity with.

JUST GO WITH THAT. GO WITH THAT ONE THING. and formulate it as a question or dream object before falling asleep. If it’s your broken heart just see your heart like shattered in a cage in the hands of your favorite angel or the lap of your father, or drinking the dawn. Just loop that image incessantly like a drone until you fall asleep so that spirit can hook into it and you can work on that SPECIFICALLY in your dream.

Most likely than not, you WILL have answers and the focus will make things just clearer. The moment you wake up. You actually feel like! you’re making progress when you’re dealing and meeting these experiences with this depth.

Now THAT’S ENOUGH for dreamwork part2. In the next portion I’ll be talking about designing dream landscapes, power places and long running intentions.

But for now please be assured that this is normal and been observed cross culturally across different continents and ages. You’re not insane. Just take this as what it is and like learn how to handle it! And use it! One of the best guiding principles of this is to be completely honest w/ this. one of my all time fave questions is:

Without the bullshit – what is this actually?

And from there you’ll see if you need a reading from me or you need to exercise or you need to move crystals or what. We’re so much wiser than we think.

Here’s dreamwalking basics 1 https://wanwuspiritlibrary.com/2020/04/23/dreamwalking-dreamwork-basics-pt-1/

And services:


Take care!


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