Dreamwalking / Dreamwork basics pt.3

Hi welcome to the third and final portion to dream walking/ dreamwork basics! Thank you for the willingness to work with this but also the trust. I’m really hoping I’m as clear, accessible and legible to anyone who’s interacting and working w/ the dream realm.

I know and have personally experienced how deeply transformative dream experiences can be, and I want to do my job w/ dispelling the fears and the common traps when working w/ dreams.

Now I’ve covered how to step into dream realm safely in part 1 https://wanwuspiritlibrary.com/2020/04/23/dreamwalking-dreamwork-basics-pt-1/

And common questions in part 2


In this post I’ll be talking about the longer experience of having dreamscapes and interacting w/ them in a longer span of time. For a lot of people intense dreams/dreamwalking isn’t just a one night thing but something that occurs to them consistently and maybe has been happening for years!

THAT’S FRANKLY A LOT OF ENERGY. And we can honestly lean in on that and make sure everything is manageable. So okay let’s get cracking!

01. Create an intermediary realm/transformer step/ power place

Okay, take a look at all these magnificent fantastic places, messages, spirits and doors that you have access to in the span of your dreamwalking. okay. Which of them is the most mundane? The most human? The closest to your waking life. Okay tap into that.

If you don’t have one. Just make one up right now. Your favorite like very human experience. It can be an apartment or a cottage in some poster child summer island. Make sure it’s nothing fantastic and on the sliding scale of lucid astral weird to very normal make sure it’s half way there.

From this space, declare you can process dream images. Smart right? Declare that you won’t be steeped into them but instead they become manageable reports/objects/or are presented processed by your spirit guides or like a convenient personal assistant of this space.

Make it MUNDANE. Create a board room, or an office table where you have tea with these reports. Literally design a space that yells HUMAN AF PROCESSING OF INSANE DREAM THINGS.

Just like how I explained in part1 that dream realms are interfaced w/ images and sensations; introducing and intending a human space that just yells business human boss processing energy — they’ll get that. THEY WILL.

It also delineates a really good distance between almost seashore feeling of being half in a human world and half in spirit. It has access to the ocean but is situated and accessible to the beach. Think of it as a liminal half realm where you have access to spirit BUT NOT DROWNING IN IT.

02. Maybe this isn’t for you yet.

And that’s okay. I know and understand that sometimes your spirit needs to go travelling. A LOT. Especially for people w/ a lot of trauma or who need or have a deep desire to reclaim some far off shattered parts of their soul or lifetimes sometimes you really need to go diving into the deep ends. I respect that, I’ve done that. I’ve had months and dreams that literally feel like a week or even centuries long and I can relate to just smashing back to this lifetime and being like oh wait. How do I maria again?

And that’s valid. It really is. But if you’re at the level where you’re studying this, getting a hang of this, and am being called to like get a lid on all the crazy shit and maybe get shit more grounded this is exactly how to do it. Make an intermediary space, and be conscious about making it half dreamy and half mundane human.

This is some real ass shamanic practice but also very human practice, it’s also a really good way to control psychic information and run dream programs. Follow what works and feels right for you and trust that you’ve done this before. The dream is you, so let yourself feel safe and be comfortable whatever it is you’re doing yea?

03. Basic mailboxes and digestion chambers for information and energy

Okay. So one of the most common complaints of psychics is that “awakening is so overwhelming, “I get images, messages all the time/ I feel like I’m going crazy, “this is too much — and the blanket answer to that is to ground. And we keep rereading to like breathe into our feet and connect to mother earth and yet


Your crown chakra is still blown to open, and you’re still getting too many messages.

Okay so here’s the deal. Make a fucking mailbox. In dream realm, in spirit, make a box and INTEND. with the full force of your motherfucking truth and intention that you will receive the information that is needed for this situation. Here. But only when you open this mailbox.

It’s not necessary for you to be possessed by a vision when you’re driving or when you’re preoccupied trying to get your mundane job done. These images and information can be designed and sheperded in a way that’s manageable to your 3D form. Just give them a fucking lobby. A mailbox. And when you’re up for like reading some information just walk up to this box and receive what information is necessary and best channeled at this moment.

Allow for these boxes to be intelligent and to sift, transmute, and digest your work for you. Release the need to understand or know everything, wether it’s channelling stuff for your clients or understanding how to heal or move forward w a certain thing. It will simplify and let your psychic realms be quieter if you just let these boxes do their job.

Ask guides to design these for you or hire me?? if you feel like you can’t get a hang of it, but i trust you and you got this.

04. Maria sometimes there’s just too much energy my body vibrates and I’m ready to explode and!!! I CAN JUMP OFF OF BUILDINGS AND CAN’T SLEEP

This is when you have digestion chambers. Um. for people who suddenly access huge ass energies and a lot of lives at once, in a ceremony or awakening experiences – dream energies can be so GIGANTIC. Your crown energies are literally as huge as an elephant and your poor body vehicle is like an ant that’s trying to swallow everything and it. simply. physically. can’t.

That. Is fucking painful and you have to acknowledge that if that’s happening to you. If you suddenly activate something amazing and insane in dream realm that’s beautiful and great but please admit it if it’s too much for your body to handle.

So what you can do with these energies is have them digested or work on THINGS instead of your body and energy directly. Things can be projects, places and intentions. A foolproof one you can use is that:

Imagine a giant cauldron, or even an elaborate scientific purifying set-up that declares THAT ALL OF THESE ENERGIES are to be transmuted to whatever your body can absorb, understand and accept right now.

Anything and everything that is in excess can be rerouted to (place intentions here)

Some intentions I’ve used before are:

  • healing of wars and conflicts around the world
  • love and healing of my family tree across lifetimes, versions
  • subconsciously heal and release whatever is not serving me, soul contracts, forgiveness work, and traumas that are overpatterning and/or echoing in this lifetime
  • alignment of all cooperative elements that will assist in the grounding and embodiment of my life purpose
  • to whoever fucking needs this energy have it

Feel it. Feel the distance of these energies. from your body and interface w this object instead. Which is the cauldron or even a box of your written intentions. For giant intentions like wars, poverty and hunger you can actually feel how gigantic of a hole this is and how much it would be craving all of this energy and light it would gladly take off all of this extra energy from you. If you’re ungrounded as hell from too much energy just throw it to world hunger and i promise you it will gobble all of that up.

The better you get at summoning and interfacing w a lot of powerful dream/spiritual energies the more opportunities you get to direct these things. Especially if they keep insisting to work with you. Just let go of the need for these to pass thru ur physical body and learn to set up an intention in liminal realm.

05. Maria what if I’m not sandblasted by divine energies? Do I make these digestion chambers too?

Cool! Don’t worry I didn’t forget you. I just tend to get a lot of overwhelmed intuitives. But in case this doesn’t happen to you, you can still perfectly use this metaphor to interface w/ spirit in a more objective way. And when I say OBJECT I literally mean object as in a physical thing.

If you’ve ever watched the movie inception, they go into deeper layers of dreams planting/inception-ing dream objects for the dreamer. This is kind of the same thing. If you have a problem, introduce a representation of it in your power place and see the next time you visit it if it morphs into something else as an answer.

Sometimes you don’t even need to solve anything. It could be a small ritual of letting go of a problem and surrendering it to god- releasing it and metaphysically feeling like. Okay this is my messed relationship w my wife – this seed of whatever we are and im planting it in this good juju box that’s getting a lot of sunlight in my cottage.

Just see it grow before slipping into dream realm. And I can guarantee you, not only will your relationship w your wife improve, you’re also signalling to spirit a long running intention of hey please nurture this connection with sun wind and light.

Your mind, your subconsicous mind can understand and cluster more information as image and kinaesthetic sensation. So seeing your prayers, your dreams, or whatever your working on — as a liminal visceral cohesive dream space. That’s PRETTY. AND LIKE CALMING AND GORGEOUS, helps realign in a subterranean internal level all your stray energies and thoughts about these things.

Just see this space.

And like allow yourself to slip deeper into dream realm or live your waking life. More often than not your dreams will learn to talk in the language of your intermediary space and you’ll feel more authorship healing, alignment and safety to your waking “mundane life”.

I really deeply wish that for you.

You can do it dreamer! And that’s it for my basic dreamwalking series. I hope you enjoyed it. If my content is helpful to you feel free to send any amount to paypal mariabumby@yahoo.com or avail any of my shamanic services seen here: https://wanwuspiritlibrary.com/services/

I’m free to answer any of your questions or help you supercharge any of your intentions or transitions.

Til next time,


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