Fair warnings and solutions for shroom trips that go sour

Hey wanwu! It’s been a long time since I’ve updated and sometimes I’m surprised by readers emailing me on this account. 

I’m mostly active on my BTS (kpop group) x spirituality fan account : @diaryofyouth.bts so you can also hit me up there and check out the reels content and occasional course I put up there.

Now let’s get to two things that I want to talk about. 

First, when you get into cards, spirituality, heck yoga — there’s a natural heightened sensitivity to subtle energies.

Especially if you channel often for other people (think tarot, oracle, spirit guide/angel channel) your 7th and 8th chakra is going to be blown open.

A lot of people talk about how to open that and have an “intuitive awakening” but what if you’re loopy? What if you accidentally had too much marijuana or messed up the dosage of your shrooms?

Let’s go.

  • imagine a lotus flower in your head closing. imagine a cold black helmet shielding you if the pressure is too strong. 
  • see several layers of it closing like a transformers autobot returning to being a normal car
  • SERIOUSLY talk to your guides that you are thankful for these downloads and energies but would like to get back to them at a different moment. Imagine a psychic box/mailing room where you can receive messages for yourself and other people; and really instruct spirit to organize itself into envelopes and boxes.

    *People often feel like that these downloads are too miraculous or magical to “pass up on” or make wait. They feel like there’s a missed opportunity if you don’t receive all of it now. Ok so here’s the thing, spirit isn’t happening TO you, you are spirit as well. And you have a relationship with guides and other spirits, and there are energetic boundaries that you can really establish to be like please come at this time at this place at this amount. Just like any relationship, you can communicate clearly your needs and the both of you adjust to how things happen. “Co-creation” right? So it’s important to be very clear and command the closing of those top chakras as well as its opening.

    – imagine receiving and coursing energy through your hands. The hands is connected to the heart and the chakras related to how we connect to other people. Yes you can bypass the crown and ask spirit to channel messages, through the cards, 2 feet away from you, through your hands. This is so that you’re not so psychicly muddled, crowded and noisy.

    – An underrated practice for any channel is to BATHE in your own energy. We can get overly dependent and frankly self-escaping when we always channel “angels” “elementals” or what because we can’t stand our own energies. Re-seting yourself to “0” as just yourself is important.

The second thing I want to talk about is shroom trips.

Psylocibin has been getting more attention as more people are popularizing it’s use to tap into the “Allness” booking their ayahuasca trip stay in the middle of the amazon. I understand that for people with really dense energetic bodies (or sometimes you’re just ready for it) these plant medicines are well fit for you.

But here’s the thing, here’s the catch. These blow open your 7th and 8th chakras and if those are already over-active for you, it can be severely unbalancing to have shrooms. 

For example, I’ve micro-dosed shrooms, as well as had 4g? doses with my brother since he a self-proclaimed psychonaut. Now, he’s also sensitive (can see stuff) but not like me. He’s a guy, he’s VERY MUCH INTO SPORTS, and this is his only spiritual practice. He also likes intense experiences. This kind of medicine journey fits him because it blows through his muscle pains, and his dense nerve systems. Me on the other hand? I don’t eat as much protein as him and I am much more sensitive than him.

On lower doses, I can more or less pilot the trip, (one time I can flip in observing a thing from a cellular, verbal energetic, fractal level etc.) but when I got an overdose one time it got really sour.

You know those tales of rishis who connected to all of spirit, all of the worlds suffering and ended up disabled? My mentor has temporal lobe epilepsy ever since the pandemic started because the world energy went to shit and they can’t unhook themselves from the world ether.

When I had that one shroom trip, I felt the suffering of the world like cold hard drill down my skull. I couldn’t walk for three days and I was sweating 24/7. It was pure oneness but also so much misery. I’m not saying “yes hell exists” its just that if you blast into large unconditional love don’t you think they also serve you unconditional suffering as well. It’s like I felt the wailing in warzones, and I felt connected to every living creature’s suffering in the world. It is a deeply humbling experience.

By day3 i was scared that I was going to die. Or that I will be permanently disabled like my mentor. I begged arch angel Michael for my physical existence back. When I correctly diagnosed myself as trekking a similiar path (you bet I was trying to heal myself day 1-2) to my mentor being too connected to Gaia, I told Michael that I wanted to enjoy my body. I wanted to enjoy my individual existence. Ayokong kunin na nila ako or gawing hesus na sakripisyo. (I said I didn’t want to be taken yet or be sarificial jesus) and only then did the symptoms let up. And I still remember when archangel michael was making me a helmet while I lay in pieces on the bedroom floor.

My brother is so lucky im his psychopomp shaman every time he has shroom trips. HAHAHA. He’s just very lucky.

Anyway this is my fair warning and solution to you if you have anyone who has similiar sensations during a “bad” shroom trip. Again! If you’re doing this I recommend having a competent shaman to guide you and protect you through the trip and to troubleshoot in case stuff turns weird.

This is also my way of thanking all the spiritual seekers who genuinely sacrificed themselves in that direction (I hear this is common in india?) in that you hold so much suffering in this world so unconditionally. Please be kind.


Hope this helps


your soul is welcome here

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