A shamans questionnaire:

when was the last time you laughed?

when was the last time you danced?

when was the last time you sang?

when was the last time you spoke and listened to stories?


there is a sacred quality to

1 telling your story authentically

2 and connecting to our shared journeys by hearing fundamentally True Stories. 

there is a reverence to listening, and speaking of our stories candidly that can be lost when this facet of humanity is labelled “content” “entertainment” “binged”


A man stands is filled with regret for a lost love.

What regret came to mind?

How did he lose love?

How easily did your subconscious want to meet that story? How willing are your own emotions, signs and symbols, and tales so ready to project, emote, act through just the right story? just the right protagonist to hit just the right spot?


I don’t need to tell you a story.

You probably have a list of the ones you keep close to your heart. Your favorite series, anime, maybe you even have a “type” to crush on, the one you “wish” you could be. power magic beauty baddie spoiled baby fantasy you name it. aren’t they you coming back to you?

I find it really odd when spiritual folks dismiss pop media as vapid and empty. Isn’t this the collective unconscious trying to hear itself? aren’t we all gathering by the fire, tucking ourselves into bed borrowing handy symbols, and identifiers by way of favorite character, show, media discourse?


My first spirit guide talked to me borrowing Roy Mustang’s* face. I knew it was a spirit because my body flushed silent and the words felt pressed on my head. 

But also Roy was an easy symbol of leader, and in the way i imagined him, also an elder filled w hard decisions and perseverance. My guide loved that image for me and pressed it unto my head. The story of an elder. 

*(full metal alchemist: brotherhood) 


I only really have one request.

Sit with your stories deeply. the character you liked, the moments you can’t forget. really ask why you cared about them, and allow yourself to not lie to yourself. No really, what is that really about? Can i face the aspect of me that’s trying to make itself known through this thing? Can i fully be with myself being changed by the truth of this story? Can i let it fully unfurl in my being and live the wisdom it is trying to return to me?


I feel like we take ourselves for granted how deep we actually are. How deep the rabbit hole goes, or how far in you want to dive through onion skin. 

There is so Much, in you. 

And i beg you to light a candle to your inner world and bring an animate awareness of everything that stirred with a listening of that one tale. 


a fishing hook tugs heavy w fish

what was underneath the surface

becomes day’s glittering 


treasures upon treasures

stone to uncover stone on stone 

each story that stays with you

a soul cypher

in it’s very own


your soul is welcome here

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