catch, throw. dark, light. cup, substance. even before we had the weightedness of het gender around the “feminine” and “masculine” older wisdom bodies have referred to it as the yin and the yang, the 0 and 1, or drew the moon and the sun. 

when I speak of polarity, it’s to talk about the dynamic poles that steep our realities. “dialectics” to hold, and be held. top bottom. in need of support and the one supporting

the thing with poles is that they exist together


opposite ends of a spectrum, different faces of wholeness. or as i like to say it “why bother partner dancing if there’s no connection. the whole point is union, you’re together right?”

also classically, 

a seed of ea other, transmuting into each other”

in the ways frostbite is so cold that it paradoxically burns your skin. 


We live in a dimension full of contrasts. The largest loves and the deepest fears. Poverty, absurd wealth. Really emotional folks and then really numb people.

Notice how all these poles — have a potential for union.

But because we experience separateness (via an ego), union also becomes an experience.

Union becomes a choice, and a creation.

We actually meet, and experience an Other. 

Because if we were all in expanded-union-grace god-bliss

there wouldn’t be a falling into love, cause there is No Other to love.


why is it so resonant that the god of the underworld falls in love with the maiden of spring?

or that the sun misses the moon chasing her through the sky?

doesn’t the wound exalt the healer that tends to it? 


I can talk about how the divine He is associated to death stillness, depth core and presence, how in various traditions they pierce and seek mountains to scale and he is in all of us. I can talk about how the divine Her is associated with life and succor, movement and story, heart radiant and is an image of mercy and unconditional embrace. 

but the gendering can really trip people up

so i’d rather you imagine a Whole Love, try to feel into the poles of the exercise


love that empowers and consoles you

love that leads you but also lets you lead yourself 

love that is sharp and is a soft place to land

quick-witted and also languid and patient

love worth making a killing for, love worth being born again and living regardless

love that can say no and mean it, love that can say yes and mean it

love that does everything with you, love that doesn’t need anything to happen to be with you 

love that doesn’t let up, love that surrenders


Now wasn’t it easy, almost obvious that these opposite poles were both needed? Like sliding scales, swinging one way into another. Like a beautiful inlaid chest within chests, fractal mandala of that and this and that then this on repeat. 

Every time you find yourself in an experience of contrast and difference i want you to remember about Whole Love and polarity. To almost rehearse this dynamic and your capacity to settle into dif points in the range


One end of the stick is happening right now, but it doesn’t mean the other must be absent. They’re married. UGH. VERY MARRIED LIKE YOU SEEN THOSE TANTRA PICS??

this dance, a path and cypher to wholeness

your soul is welcome here

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