Hello! Long over-due overhaul of the psychic services that are available for this site check em out. I have a unique mix of Reiki (Master Level and Karuna Reiki), Seraphim Blueprint (level 5), Shamanic Journeying, Akashic past-life healing when performing any of the following services:


I. Classic: Somatic Hypnotherapy, Tarot/card Reading, Energy Healing

II. Shamanic: Soul Contract Rewrite/Cord cutting, Psychic Shielding, Multiple Soul Walk-ins and Exits

III. BAD JUJU: House/Space Cleanse, Sleep Paralysis/Nightmare Cures, Curse breakers

IV. SPECIAL: Soul Portrait, Personalized Weekly Assistance

V. Notes



Guided session to access the subconscious and interface with the issue in a more satisfying and empowered way. I feel and witness the textures in your energy body and give guided prompts to forward solutions, removals and prompts to remove it from your space.

Very helpful for people who feel disconnected with their bodies, feeling anxious and having a hard time sleeping. Done via a conversation (live or online) in a 30-60min period of time.


A reflection of your situation to help you gain clarity. I’m 50% a fire sign and will 1000% make sure your questions are empowered before we even start flipping cards. 

Very helpful for people who feel like there is some divine order, timing and truth to things and they just want to best tap and timing to the things they are going through. PDF or a live vid call 30-60min reading is available. Both are just as effective (*30usd)

Typical topics people ask about:

Year Ahead (2020-2021), Romance, Money/Career, Spirituality/Self-Realization, Standard: What do I need to hear/know right now?


Traditionally called healing hands. I verbally guide you to a rested state and I clear your energy body or a space for you.  My primary method for this is clearing and balancing each of your 7 central body chakras.

Very helpful for people who badly need a re-set, are physically ill and don’t have the energy to process right now. Can be done in person, acupuncture optional.  Distance healing is also available. Approximately 60min. (*30usd)



In the realm of spirit I witness people being energetically tied with contracts written in spirit, with etheric cords emerging from their stomachs to people concerned, who they’re learning lessons with.

This is typical for family members, long fraught relationships, and karmic partners who have planned to “irritate” your ego or evoke your deepest soul and truth by their proximity and existence. This guided shamanic journey is intended for those who want to check, rewrite, purify and cut contracts and cords that no longer serve they’re highest good. These can be done while in conversation in chat or call. 30-60mins (*33usd)


For people who had recent awakening experiences, psychic information can be overwhelming leading to anxiety, too much attrainment to other’s pain and deep general confusion with other people’s emotions and too much information from past lives or multiple spirit guides.

This shamanic journey is designed to reprogram your aura to sift information before entering your field and realigning your intentions for your highest good, reinforcing your original energetic signature that commands all other energies and integration.

We will create containers and intentions together in the dream/liminal/meditative state so that you will learn how to reinforce and adjust your auric field as needed in multiple situations. These can be done while in conversation in chat or call. 30-60mins (*44usd)


This is very profound ceremony. For those who aren’t familiar with multiple soul theory it posits that the physical body vehicle can be occupied by multiple souls like having a car with 3 people while one soul is “driving”. This is a theory I first encountered via Ruth Rendley.

I personally have three souls since birth and have self-induced walk-in switches for myself twice. They have all been deep shifts in my personal vehicle and have all been guided and confirmed by my psychic colleagues and guides in spirit. I attract and also have friends with multiple souls/ also tending to have a lot of parallel lives ranging from 3 to even 6 in one body. These people tend to have varying talents, interests, and lovers.

A consultation will be in tarot reading format (30usd) and from here we can check in with spirit the nature of your multiple souls, the nature of their relationships and present soul contracts (who’s supposed to be driving) and to come to a decisions of who stays leaves and where to. If you are very sure you want an assisted walk-in/ recall or Exit I will consult with spirit the rate that is needed for your shamanic journey.



Observed in multiple energetic traditions, such as feng shui or catholic house blessings. If you feel like certain appliances get broken for no “logical reason” if you have unwelcome visitors such as duwendes/dwarves, old apparitions, or the energetic imprints of old residents, “bad luck” basically this service is an energetic wash for your space. Very good for residential units that are hard to sell, or as an energetic maintenance and tune up of your business, bedroom or even house.

I work with seraphic angelic grids to purge a space, and I typically diagnose and talk to imbalanced/upset spirits for you. *30usd starting rate depending on gravity of energy and size of space.

I have discount rates for energetically curing entire buildings (500-1000usd) with 4 to upto 80+ floors. I diagnose the building and it’s relationships to energetic rivers leylines and spirits in the area. I also energetically check-in the relationships of your residents, activities to the energetic memory of your property. Ceremonies and large shifts can take upto a month to “cure” to it’s healthiest state.

This is important for heritage areas and places with a lot of unresolved deaths which need shamans to shepperd and appease the dead. I can do this in person in manila and distance ceremonies outside of it. I only need photos of the location. I have an undergraduate degree in architecture and can also check and consult urban planning layouts and house plans before they are built to best work with present leylines and spirits.


This is for people who are having recurring nightmares, who spontaneously astral project or have out of body experiences that they cannot control or suffer debilitating sleep paralysis. This is typically indicative of an imbalanced crown chakra or an unprotected sleeping space. This may also be past lives over patterning to your present lessons or belief systems.

This tarot reading/ guided meditation investigates, cleanses and reprograms your energetic body and dream space to allow deeper and more peaceful sleep. Intentions to have less dreams and dream interpretation (if guided) may be included in the session. (*30usd)


For people who are suffering intergenerational trauma or working through a heavily karmic cycle with their soul and/or physical family. Patterns that run in the family such as physical violence, slave/lynching, sexual and substance abuse can be released on a personal karmic level. This is similiar to cord cutting and soul contract re-writes in that we will request together that your soul be released from these patterns.

Intentions for persons not present will only be as effective as their willingness to participate/move on from such pattern. I will check in with spirit if this is available to you, and if there are steps on your end to easily resolve these curses/patterns in this lifetime. Do note that right after this session reorienting your relationship with family and people who continue to choose this pattern will be needed. (**30usd this is really variable)



This is an activation of your original energetic blueprint and personal truth or what I call — “how God dreamt of you”. This is a SIGNATURE more than anything, helpful as phone or laptop wallpaper.

This is a helpful gift for people who are trying to find themselves and have dissonant thoughts on accepting their internal nature such as being “too much “too passionate “too rational “too impulsive and so on. This energy is a reminder of one’s own beauty and it’s shifting grace. This drawing will exist in multiple dimensions. This is also a singaling beacon for you to want to meet more of your soul family. (*44usd, physical mailing available for PH exclusive of rates)

V. Notes

I consult with Spirit the final prices, but those are more or less good estimates of my rates. The prices shift to represent the willingness of the client and the quality and amount of information that wants to come through. I serve as a channel for this and cannot reach for more than is allowing to be done.

Email mariabumby@yahoo.com to schedule a session for any of the services, thank you for your time and looking forward to working with you! I’d be honored to hold space.

Hello (dec 2022 update): i keep my calendly and IG page more active:



13 thoughts on “!Services!

  1. I am interested in introducing Falun Dafa to the Philippines, but I’d like to kick it off w/ something a little more dramatic, like a dowsing demonstration. So if you have some contact w/ dowsers in the Cebu City area (or out in the boonies, I’m in Bogo City), please send them my way. Very attractive website!


  2. I have read your blog(Energy Spot and Ley Lines in the Philippines) and because of it I now believe 30 percent of my theory that there are cultivators(you know in xianxia novels).

    Maybe there are cultivators because they used the energy within the ley lines to strengthen their bodies and store within their body to use it as an attack or for offensive purposes which they call in xianxia novels spirit energy/qi why not make a blog about them.


    1. hi suichi! sorry for the late reply. I actually have watched my first wu xia drama a few days ago and yes cultivators feel very real to me. It’s kind of like tai chi qi gong just turned up a few notches. I also dearly love chinese mysticism and can vouch for mantak chia’s books — you can see them in my special collection if you want to look into them more


  3. Hey Maria, Kai here. I’m interested in talking about the ley lines with you. The first time I came to the Philippines, I was in Manila for a week. I don’t think i’d ever slept so much in my life. Even in the madness of manila, it felt like a re charge was taking place. A few months after manila, I had an awakening in guatemala (lake atitlan), which most definitely confirmed the re-charge occuring through me.

    After the awakening, I visited the philippines on and off for a couple years. Went all over… bisaya, mindanao, and middle of luzon. and then in 2018 i did the peace corps (just cause i wanted to be in the philippines), and got assigned to live in Banaue. I visited Sagada and Batanes in that time…. and those two places are special for me. If your up for a chat… my facebook is : Kai Tuites or kaituites@hotmail.com


    1. hi kai you can reach me through the contact page if you want to avail of services or check in w/ spirit in terms of mapping leylines in the philippines. That particular article of mine has a very lively comment section. Appreciate your sharing, the land really has energies and potencies that are available to us; I’m happy they’ve healed you.


  4. Also, Batanes is the king/queen of my crown. and Sagada has a third eye energy to it. I can’t really explain why. I visited those places in succession as well. Sagada then Batanes.


  5. Hey I was born with pcos my mom instead of estradiol she got a life insurance policy n pretty much kicked me out..raised my self 10 14 .first appartment..I’m n emphatic healer keoki .n I got a 10 on the magic n I manifest something in 3 days..I see things here talking being touched alot like physically no pain just like a hand on my back 5 times no I see n feel a water drop on my but I physically not wet and no drips anywhere but I touched my phantom wet spot would feel wet ..I got slit of narcissist if I could break the chains which I think I’m close I know I am 10 yrs a cycle for me ..sorry no money ..cant pay I’ve never had money angel always made sure I was safe n had what I needed always three jobs at a time some one always gets it surgery treatments n other things a really bad person is getting from me …18th I hope it’s done… nice to finally find people I really thought all this is how I coped but it’s real for sure every day universe shocks me . I am earth my initials are my sign virgo ..I was meant to be a keeper of something soon.. protector a karmic balancer.. collect downloads for new frequencies.. my goodness I could go on for days this life of purpose n meaning helped me I wouldn’t change who I am or my story everything made storm …thank u all of u for being here


  6. Hi ! I am actually blown away by everything I read because the first time in my life I find myself and I feel someone is understanding what is going on with me. All I can say is I NEED TO TALK TO YOU PLEASE ! I am a 23 years old girl and experience dream walking A LOT, this place where I feel my real family is, I feel I have healing hands, I need to learn to channel energy as i feel my body explodes. I just want you to talk to me and figure out how you can help me the best way. I actually have no idea if this is going to be a post or a private message. Looking forward to hear from you, kind regards, Sophia 🙂


  7. I grew up near Mt. PULAG. Lots of ghost stories. Makes sense now. And my third eye finally opened a few years ago… Well awareness anyways but still can’t see ghost anymore. I heard my own voice calI my name (in my head, but heard the voice) while laying on the bed in Manila. Lights turning on and off after midnight in the hotel. I know how the world really works now and who’s actually in control and what to invest my money in. There’s a big event coming and peoples wealth will be stolen. 99% will be thrown to the lower rung of Society. Anyways I’m going to email you and schedule something in the future. Thanks.


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