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Wanwu means 10,000 things, the infinite.


Back in feb 2016 I had a series of vivid dreams that felt more Real than this reality. I had a visceral experience of it rather just a rational knowledge of it. Traditionally called a kundalini rise/awakening or whatnot. For two months after, I experienced etheric rain whereever I went, and activation of healing capabilities. I had the matrix die right in front of me, and I felt all societal programs and structures collapse as if I had a peak at what the annihilation of enlightenment looked like. Money was only as real as I animated it to be, and people sometimes felt like fictional characters.

It was both the most terrifying and beautiful experiences I’ve ever had. I painstakingly put my life back together so that I could “function” normally again.



I had extra sensory abilities awaken, I could see peoples toxic programs latched unto them. I also saw the incredible aura of trees, truth and musicians truly singing their love and people who have realized their truths. I did the whole shebang of questioning if this meant I was sent on a mission, and I had the visceral experience of channeling higher beings and their helpful energies.

Serpahim was this fire like I’ve never seen and experienced, the kind that would be comparable to a burning obliterating sun. I could read situations not in my vicinity and “feel” futures. I could attrain myself to the suffering of others, and when I couldn’t control it – I once felt the despair of a half-paralyzed woman, and I couldn’t stop crying in a crowd of people. I felt and saw the holy spirit, but also buddha residing in stupas. It’s a quaint life.


This has also all become normal. Like how Amara Strand put it, puberty makes you go through all these intense changes, and you’re like LOOK I have breasts now! for a few weeks and then you move on with life. I never thought something as shell shocking as all these experiences will become normal for me. But they are now, disastrously normal for me.

Like duh, we are more than our physical bodies.

And yes we have programs, but you can also remove those and reprogram yourself.

Yes most of society lives in a stupor of unawareness, but you’ve got to acknowledge where you are, always. And there’s no turning back. And people are cute wherever we are, no one is inherently better or more moral. We just are. That’s it.



I’m not enlightened. If you’re looking for enlightened person experience and advice I cannot recommend enough, she’s great. She made me realize that enlightened people walk among us, as married people, grocery shopping, driving, having kids “mundane” people do, not all are urban ashram gurus. Alongside the constant witnessing of omni-driectionality of Now and hoopla- they are very real.


So what am I?

I am where I am, and I’m currently Maria, a persona who has experienced kundalini experiences. And I’m also still interested in the things I was interested in pre-crazy energy, like art, dance, wanting a boyfriend, whatever. I’ve dropped a lot of psycho-emotional-shit storms since then and have placed a lot of work in grounding my new energies and understanding the new physics of the world I’m now seeing and moving in.


If you’re feeling etheric rain, spikes, hearing voices, feeling vamped, seeing things, can’t control your dreams, being a really crappy empath, feeling like certain people are karmicly heavy in your life, frankly feeling like you’re going crazy or being so obsessed with your new ultra-sensory abilities your life is falling apart — I’m your girl, talk to me, hit me up. I can relate, and I can help if you’re willing.

See my work with me page or shoot me an email.


If you’re what society deems to be normal, then I guess I’m you’re local energy healer, extra perceptive, shaman. I could reflect back to you your situations in tarot readings, and reset the energy of the condo you’re trying to sell. I can help you sort out your feelings and thought forms because I could see how you’re gripping them and feeding them, yes, across the internet. Even if you’ve had peak spiritual experiences, you’re still polishing you’re not-gone persona. We’re all still working on it aren’t we? If you want to get into it, hit me up.

See my work with me page or shoot me an email.


Caveat: If I seem inconsistent in terms of tonality and perspectives in my writing, it’s a reflection of how I myself am growing and changing everyday. I keep older, even less aware posts on my blog not only because I think both are valid and helpful to different persons but I think it also displays the paradox of living – yeah ?



I. Classic: Somatic Hypnotherapy, Tarot/card Reading, Energy Healing

II. Shamanic: Soul Contract Rewrite/Cord cutting, Psychic Shielding, Multiple Soul Walk-ins and Exits

III. BAD JUJU: House/Space Cleanse, Sleep Paralysis/Nightmare Attunments, Curse breakers

IV. SPECIAL: Soul Portrait, Personalized Weekly Assistance


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