meditating on change

The other day I had dinner with two girls five years younger than me. They were going off to college. One was scared of leaving friends, but already saw it coming. She found herself maturing(?), changing beliefs compared to her friends and already felt that she was leaving them. The other girl was busy on [...]

Me and my 10,000 side projects; how to accept and integrate yourself when you have Too Many Passions and INTERESTS

Do you feel very strongly about multiple things ? Are you struggling with devoting time and commitment to each one, and left with NO TIME and MORE STRESS ? Do you have a hard time with long term planning because you have this FEAR OF MISSING OUT (aka FOMO) and also huge pits of regret [...]

How to completely REINVENT yourself by losing yourself for a single day.

Are you stuck in your same old routine ? Is your life boring, plain and lifeless ? MAYBE. NO, YEAH??? Not exactly. Self-knowing, and self-consciousnees discovery seems so woo woo heady. I too, cannot roll on a yoga mat, though it does looks nice to sleep in. I have a suggestion. Why don’t we all just [...]