Absolutely free amazing things that noone seems to be availing of – papa universe

the sunset. I give you a mother fuckiung sunrise and sunset every time but you never even look at it. Clouds are nice as hell. how much time are you staring at clouds ?   i worked hard on those. deep relaxing breaths. I gave you gaddamn lungs right? You could ease up you neck [...]

The beauty you see on top of the mountain is the beauty that lies inside your heart -ON TOURISM AND TRAVEL

Ever wanted to just get out scream, pack up your bags and leave? Just a new site a new face, the thrill and wonder of a new city and culture and language just ready to swallow you whole and let you forget about your problems?   Sorry to break it to you, but your problems [...]

‘that was it?’ when you’re dreams come true and you’re just “meh”

true story. My brother’s friend became a coach, underdog, huge crew level team for hiphop international - and won. He posted about feeling kinda of ——??? at the moment of announcement on facebook. I saw the mothers of the local hiphop community comment below “yes, chips that was it.” and i felt unsatisfied by the [...]