7 of swords, creativity and confessing to my best friend– what karmic healing has been like…

I had a lesson that was sent to me by a dream once, by a fox or the raven. The trickster or the native american god who stole fire for humans. It was an RPG game and I was half of a team of two magicians scaling a snow peak. It was a race. And [...]

Confessions from an NGO worker (who actually lived and grew up in a developing country)

When I was 12, I remember distinctly telling my older cousin in a condescending voice that : YOU SHOULD BE CAREFUL ABOUT NGOs. IT’S RICH PEOPLE TRYING TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT THEMSELVES, THEY MAY HURT MORE PEOPLE THAN THEY HELP. AND YALL BE CAREFUL ABOUT GOOD INTENTIONS. I am now 22, and I have never [...]