1 catch, throw. dark, light. cup, substance. even before we had the weightedness of het gender around the “feminine” and “masculine” older wisdom bodies have referred to it as the yin and the yang, the 0 and 1, or drew the moon and the sun.  when I speak of polarity, it’s to talk about the [...]

Spiritual Meaning of Feminine Rage

A deeply underrated aspect of  the divine feminine is it’s fierce  call to awareness. - IT’S THE SOUND OF SNAPPING FINGERS, A WELL PLACED B*TCH SLAP  WELL DESERVED OF A MASCULINE’S NUMB  MEDIOCRITY. IT’S AN EXPLOSIVE ENERGY THAT WAKES PEOPLE THE FUCK UP.  - Often times the feminine energy is put down as being overly [...]

The metaphysical meaning of menstrual pain

In our day and age it is common to hear about women complaining about dysmenorrhea, fertility problems, endometriosis, PCOS, and PMS. It's some sort of cosmic joke that women are gonna bitch about, this, are gonna be moody about this and are going to demand dark chocolate. I am one who will never decline dark [...]