Programming your energetic body

Hello! It's been a while since I've posted and a lot has happened. Been reflecting on what exactly I want to say when I publish on here and really putting forth what I deem to be the most important from the well of my experience. So here's what's coming up most for me:     [...]

HOW TO MEDITATE ON WAR/TRAUMA- a movement workshop

Introduction We often meditate on healing, trying to acheive a modicum of inner peace - whatever that is. But in today’s modern age, there is none of us who have not suffered anything remotely traumatic. Personal disasters, huge financial loss, blame, misery, hopelessness, this unending destruction. We try to run away from this by numbing [...]

what to do if you think may multo sa bahay mo (there’s a ghost in your house!)

short answer: pray HAHAHA ok but for real ok lets discuss. Especially for people who are scared ass shits for all the bad energy juju and pakshit that's steeping in the air -let's get to DISCUSS. WHAT TO DO IF YOU THING MAY MULTO SA BAHAY MO, FOR YE COMPLETE BEGINNERS OR MILDLY CURIOUS. So [...]