When you finally stop chasing after teachers

If you don’t have the time to read this entire article then I will summarize it in one line: All wisdom is already inside of you. If you need a longer explanation, read on. I hope you meet the people you’ve so greatly admired, people you’ve revered as masters and learned knowing all the mysteries [...]

The important difference between knowledge and wisdom – and THE REAL POWER of not knowing

I’m not (just) being a stickler for language. But there’s a difference between knowledge and wisdom and before you read on with what I’m gonna be explaining, I want you to give it a shot. What’s the difference between knowledge and wisdom ? What’s the difference of calling a person ‘knowledgable’ and calling a person [...]

What to do when you’re better at one part of your life more than others

Ever had your life work out for you - say business wise, but relationship wise your life is a wreck ? Or maybe you’re really good at maintaining your physical health, but can’t seem to apply the same grit in maintaining your physical finances ? Is this PICTURE REALLY TRUE?? Like do you honestly believe [...]