How to use writing for self-healing (3 IDEAS!)

01. Write like no one is watching, write like you’re only here for the act of purging and writing itself, write like you’re going crazy. Write like you’re exorcising demons unto a page, write like you’re jumping off of a cliff trying to grasp at the words that would nail down the coffin of those [...]

10 WOKE EDUCATION MOVEMENTS n how to apply in your own yearnin for learnin

This will be brief because I'll be practicing what I preach and be will be TRUSTING YOU to read and understand between these marvelous gems of thought-things:   1 the "teacher" asks: how does it feel ? what do you think about how you did?  This validates students about their struggles and allows open communication [...]

consumption culture vs creator culture 6 IDEAS!

We live in the day of instantaneous information. We're constantly swimming in it, or more like trying to drink from a fire hydrant.  If there's a term of information diet, consumption culture, then we all got information indigestion. Here's 10 ideas that help to DIGEST all those information and help you get mental , spiritual, [...]

An open letter to the depressed

or: the letter I can't send my estranged cousin, because you make yourself feel worse when you see your younger cousin be more "ok" than you, and all I can do is love you through this distance.   hi. I'm not in your position, so who am I to talk? right?   welliloveyou, and I'm [...]

#suddenlypsychic so #TMI!!!

I don't usually want to use the term "psychic" since it comes with a lot of baggage, but I read auras so quickly and automatically now.. That they're no longer educated guesses but are visceral as the senses on my body - and boy, the truth isn't always so pretty. READ ON IF YOU CAN [...]

cool sleep+meditation prompts

you know those really popular ASMR vids, those lowkey roleplaying relaxation prompts that just makes you relaxed and release better.   so nice.   ahhh man. self-hypnosis is definitely one of those bucketlist things to learn and it's really just progressive relaxation to better reprogram your subconscious. DO THE SNAPPY THING. then count to 10! [...]


Have you ever been obsessed with a series ? a character ? a story? that it not only makes you happy but disturbs you to your core and you don’t know why or what makes you keep going back and looking at fanart and browsing fanfiction, and being emotional and talking about it.. let me [...]


There comes a time when you stress, angst and ponder over something so much it piles up, and this ONE. LASt, thing, become your tipping point, the last 30 pound bale that tips the whole boat over and you’re over it. you’re just done, you do the thing that you needed to do with zero [...]

What you want is closer than you think : 3 REAL LIFE EXAMPLES

OK so you’ve heard about the law of attraction - and how instantaneous the things you want come to you, if you just let go of all the baggage attached to it right ? It’s really hard to grasp at the start, and sound so out there, and messed up so let’s just do some [...]

9 WOKE HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS that aren’t openly occult AF

1. the alchemist by paolo coelho Ok you know it the first time you read this you were just like this is magic but also I don’t get it??? The language is so veiled you’ll have to check out this (separate post) to read between the lines. to the uninitiated it’s a great self-help book, [...]