What’s it like to be inducted into an occult mystery school and not knowing shit | On Seraphim and Angel Attunements

This is not a channeled message. Heck I’m clairsentient and sensitive enough to receive and explain messages from Spirit -but cmon fam can’t we weird light working folk just talk a bit, for a second ? Just from weirdo to another. Like sincerely. Did we know half of the shit we got into ? ISN’T [...]

9 WOKE HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS that aren’t openly occult AF

1. the alchemist by paolo coelho Ok you know it the first time you read this you were just like this is magic but also I don’t get it??? The language is so veiled you’ll have to check out this (separate post) to read between the lines. to the uninitiated it’s a great self-help book, [...]