On divine identities…

Last feb2023 i got married, etherically to shiva. Not just the indian deity, but the whole concept and energy of primordial emptiness across dimensions. I think some people might read this as im being devoted or if not, deluded but i say married almost in a mathematical way. When all your chakras are in sync [...]

Growing a (temporary) etheric dick

Hello! Okay I hope I don’t scare off any of the sincere spiritual seekers off of here because of the click-baity(?) odd(?) title but I promise you I am sharing for the sake of other people who might have/will ecounter a similiar experience and for folks to have an expanded notion of their energetic bodies. [...]

Fair warnings and solutions for shroom trips that go sour

Hey wanwu! It’s been a long time since I’ve updated and sometimes I’m surprised by readers emailing me on this account.  I’m mostly active on my BTS (kpop group) x spirituality fan account : @diaryofyouth.bts so you can also hit me up there and check out the reels content and occasional course I put up [...]

Do spirits have gender?

ok first off before I start saying anything, I want to say this is purely from experience. I'm clairsentient, I'm clairvoyant, I'm pretty much a dreamwalker and I see the shape of people's souls. The rules for spirit are YAY different from the meat world and calling something female or male most of the time [...]

AI is law of attraction on Overdrive (or) our odd relationship with social media

When the news of the facebook data leak broke out this was my largest and clearest reaction: Oh. That's law of attraction on drugs. or overdrive. Let me explain. Look. It's really creepy that it's been proven that our smartphones listen in on our conversations and collect data about the things that we're interested in. [...]

How I stopped blaming my mother for the way she raised me.

Hello internet. Yesterday I was trying to think about why I couldn’t verbalize my wants and dreams properly. I was getting teaching and performance gigs for dancing but i felt upset in my stomach. I was trying to do these visioning exercises, and mantras and for some reason they couldn’t stick. I felt that mentally, [...]

How to become a dreamwalker

  PERSONAL BLOGGo intro Okay hi guys, I just had a magical weekend with my mentors and life realization have hit me like a truck. Also work life is doing the Tower right now so I apologize for the late post but: (1) I just spent a whole saturday with three “witches” the way i [...]

How to Git Good at chakras you suck at; Alternatively how to do chakra healing that actually works..

So as I've mentioned in 8 spiritual lessons maalia is working on for 2018 , my navel chakra is kinda weak/ A GREAT OPPURTUNITY FOR GROWTH. The alleged manipura, the seat of willpower, thy personal sun, the warrior princess in you and me. I've went through some meditations that focus on these, and sometimes they just don't [...]

How to go on a vision journey, and get answers from other realms

According to my astrological chart, i can journey and access other realms fairly easily. And though I've taken a few meditation classes and listened to a few online meditation guides on youtube, I can honestly say I've made up most of the stuff myself.. And talking to other "intuitives" or just HUMAN BEINGS, I've noticed [...]

The beauty you see on top of the mountain is the beauty that lies inside your heart -ON TOURISM AND TRAVEL

Ever wanted to just get out scream, pack up your bags and leave? Just a new site a new face, the thrill and wonder of a new city and culture and language just ready to swallow you whole and let you forget about your problems?   Sorry to break it to you, but your problems [...]