AI is law of attraction on Overdrive (or) our odd relationship with social media

When the news of the facebook data leak broke out this was my largest and clearest reaction: Oh. That's law of attraction on drugs. or overdrive. Let me explain. Look. It's really creepy that it's been proven that our smartphones listen in on our conversations and collect data about the things that we're interested in. [...]

Do you remember the time before INTERNET ? You‘re on it now – can you be grateful for it….?

STORY TIME!   I was once a tiny little girl. Who liked anime, (japanese cartoons) and drawing and art. Me and my friends used to always just talk about the latest episode of this and that during lunch break. We‘d go UUUUAAAAHHH!!! THAT SCENE AND HE DID THAT YEEEAAAHHHH AND THE YKNOW  UHHHuh IT WAS [...]