How to analyze your BREAKUPS and TRAINWRECKS, belief systems – for noobs

Hello, I'm Maalia, and my best friend, my brother has been going through shitty times. His longterm girlfriend who he thought was gonna marry, cheated on him. And his rebound was this hot, low-key celebrity who happened to be self-destructive and did cocaine. Every time he felt like shit, he would talk to me until [...]

Why millenials should spend time with Ancient people; alternatively- what i learned from my lola

Hello young ones, or young at heart! Ever had a bitchy day and you just had to rant your stress away to helpful, kind and patient ear ? YEah, I get that a lot, I happen to bestfriends with my grandmother and we let each other bitch about each other’s day to gain more perspective. [...]

Things I learned growing up in a military family

Imagine a mix of the Godfather an those old 60s movies of father figures the are almost caricatured to not feel. That’s my gradfather, retired three star general of the Philippine army. Former customs comissioner, also has done some shady things. His brother, retired cheif of Police. My maternal grandfather, lieutenant who walked the death [...]