being “more spiritual” than thou vs the VALIDITY of experience and Lifeness

Is "I'm bring sexy back" a proper meditation guide or music for your daily practice? Is liking money, and having a lot of money -spiritual? Is enjoying, and considering masturbation sacred - a thing?? CAN THAT IS THAT ?? Wait wasn't there than kundalini bit and sacral?? HMMMMMMMM. yes , yes and yes. what the- [...]

#suddenlypsychic so #TMI!!!

I don't usually want to use the term "psychic" since it comes with a lot of baggage, but I read auras so quickly and automatically now.. That they're no longer educated guesses but are visceral as the senses on my body - and boy, the truth isn't always so pretty. READ ON IF YOU CAN [...]

shaman with multiple hats/ the bane of too much choice but the perils of regularity

weird title. I admit, but I think it’s honestly reflective with how i feel right now. I have a lot on my plate right now, and it’s understandable cause i just got out of school - so I’m doing the crazy thing where you try all the things and you’re, exhilerated, and energetic, but also [...]

an honest letter to the anxious

or: a letter to my best friend, whom i love dearly but can’t fight your battles for   hello. you smart boy. if you were a tarot card, you’d be the hermit. holed up in your den of knowledge, remembering a long scroll of the past, all energies sworling on your mind. what if i [...]