101 games for survival

Community and care in times of a fucking global pandemic. by maria & jay Dragon 01  Pick 3 people you love deeply. They don’t have to be with you. Say everything that you need to tell them in the form of a letter. In the form of a playlist. An overbearing necessary and near religious [...]

Me and my 10,000 side projects; how to accept and integrate yourself when you have Too Many Passions and INTERESTS

Do you feel very strongly about multiple things ? Are you struggling with devoting time and commitment to each one, and left with NO TIME and MORE STRESS ? Do you have a hard time with long term planning because you have this FEAR OF MISSING OUT (aka FOMO) and also huge pits of regret [...]

How to analyze your BREAKUPS and TRAINWRECKS, belief systems – for noobs

Hello, I'm Maalia, and my best friend, my brother has been going through shitty times. His longterm girlfriend who he thought was gonna marry, cheated on him. And his rebound was this hot, low-key celebrity who happened to be self-destructive and did cocaine. Every time he felt like shit, he would talk to me until [...]

How to not feel “fake” when you say affirmations

joke about it play, keep readjusting, calibrating the language until the vibe matches   Example: "Today, I am brimming with energy and overflowing with joy." nope i definitely don't feel like that right now, I'm tired and I'd want rest and I feel trapped and I can't say those words honestly..   1.Joke about it: [...]

PRO self-care tip: What would the best most perfect love of your life be DOING RIGHT NOW????

Ask this question.   The moment you feel like you're in the pits of despair and in the tumbling whirlwind of a really crap day. Just ask this one quality question: what would perfect boyfriend/girlfriend/ s.o. do for me right now ?   oh oh oh, they would ask me like in the nicest and [...]