Catch it: When the lesson is learned the teacher disappears — mary poppins 1 Karma is mental emotional momentum that across different timelines. Imagine, something so potent and important that it echoes and bangs. As if you need proof, one can see this on someone’s energies as gordian knots waiting for a hero to sever [...]

Mirror Souls and Soulmates

Hi.   Right of the bat let me say this: In my most humble experience I've encountered and learned that some of your most intense soul mate relationships are not gonna be romantic. Some of them will be your students, your parents, your siblings, a stranger and the lessons can range from the smallest to [...]

8 spiritual lessons maalia is working on for 2018

#askandyoushallreceive 1 Abundance Abundance is a euphism for new age hippie doodas who have too much angst about money. I tell myself and have physical experience of my personal worth but have yet to attract it in the material word. As per bashar, (link) abundance does not necessarily translate into money but is your internal [...]