Fair warnings and solutions for shroom trips that go sour

Hey wanwu! It’s been a long time since I’ve updated and sometimes I’m surprised by readers emailing me on this account.  I’m mostly active on my BTS (kpop group) x spirituality fan account : @diaryofyouth.bts so you can also hit me up there and check out the reels content and occasional course I put up [...]


OK. SO. We're constantly surrounded by media and the previous momentum of our habitual thoughts. all of them disempowering unappreciative, maybe shallow and crass. SO Let's get to deprograming this shit and have a swell of a time. Happiness ? appreciation? gratitude, these are muscles, or well oiled/paved neural networks in your brain and YOU [...]

How to use writing for self-healing (3 IDEAS!)

01. Write like no one is watching, write like you’re only here for the act of purging and writing itself, write like you’re going crazy. Write like you’re exorcising demons unto a page, write like you’re jumping off of a cliff trying to grasp at the words that would nail down the coffin of those [...]

The important difference between knowledge and wisdom – and THE REAL POWER of not knowing

I’m not (just) being a stickler for language. But there’s a difference between knowledge and wisdom and before you read on with what I’m gonna be explaining, I want you to give it a shot. What’s the difference between knowledge and wisdom ? What’s the difference of calling a person ‘knowledgable’ and calling a person [...]

How to talk to your spirit guides/ angels even when YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN THEM

Just think of someone, anyone who's smarter and wiser than you. Someone you respect and admire. Doesn't matter if it's Beyonce or Gandalf, just someone who strikes a mild sense of awe in you, who's words you would not actually take for granted and are DAMN LEGIT. Just imagine it in your mind, you don't [...]

What to do when you’re better at one part of your life more than others

Ever had your life work out for you - say business wise, but relationship wise your life is a wreck ? Or maybe you’re really good at maintaining your physical health, but can’t seem to apply the same grit in maintaining your physical finances ? Is this PICTURE REALLY TRUE?? Like do you honestly believe [...]

how to spontaneously OBE, and process karma faster in your sleep

THIS COMES WITH A HUGE WARNING TAG. ANY POWERFUL MAGICAL/SPIRITUAL TOOL--- (yes even those pretty orgonites that just clean the air of negative ions) CAN HUGELY SHOCK YOUR SYSTEM. WILL UNBURY A LOT OF YOUR SUBCONSCIUS SHIT. WILL MAKE YOUR WAKING LIFE CLOSE TO CRAZY If a seeker is ready, and brave enough to cut [...]

consumption culture vs creator culture 6 IDEAS!

We live in the day of instantaneous information. We're constantly swimming in it, or more like trying to drink from a fire hydrant.  If there's a term of information diet, consumption culture, then we all got information indigestion. Here's 10 ideas that help to DIGEST all those information and help you get mental , spiritual, [...]