Why “frustrated Writers” have the worst case of writer’s block and what to do about it

Somewhere down the line, in our short time alive, you thought - maybe I'm just not meant to write. I can share you two stories. One, when I was 12. I would have a group of friends who were into anime and manga (japanese shows and comics) and every single day, we'd recap the shows [...]

3 Ideas for Reiki Writing

Writing can be a deeply healing and spiritual act, and for most reiki practitioners, writing intentions is a not so foreign idea. Most of us are encouraged to have a reiki box where we can place slips or even pages or paper, to better direct and send healing energies.   Here are 3 more ideas, [...]

What do you want people to fall in love with you for ?

A real question. A sincere question. An interesting playgound for people who are jaded about self-love —but are still bought into the existence of romance. How about let’s try to write a love story? how they fall in love with -YOU the realest, strongest, and most wildest parts of you. You better put aside an [...]

How to use writing for self-healing (3 IDEAS!)

01. Write like no one is watching, write like you’re only here for the act of purging and writing itself, write like you’re going crazy. Write like you’re exorcising demons unto a page, write like you’re jumping off of a cliff trying to grasp at the words that would nail down the coffin of those [...]

How to fall in love with love

Hello.   Love would like to speak to you right now. Love would like to talk about all the news, about this loving. All the lovers, the devotees and the insane. Love would like to just love you right now. Love wants to show you how to probably get this right. Love wants to say: [...]

shaman with multiple hats/ the bane of too much choice but the perils of regularity

weird title. I admit, but I think it’s honestly reflective with how i feel right now. I have a lot on my plate right now, and it’s understandable cause i just got out of school - so I’m doing the crazy thing where you try all the things and you’re, exhilerated, and energetic, but also [...]

an honest letter to the anxious

or: a letter to my best friend, whom i love dearly but can’t fight your battles for   hello. you smart boy. if you were a tarot card, you’d be the hermit. holed up in your den of knowledge, remembering a long scroll of the past, all energies sworling on your mind. what if i [...]

TOP 8 OCCULT CONCEPTS to revisit in Paulo Coelho’s the alchemist

NO. TO SPOILERS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Also I really loved this magical little thing, and I want you to encounter it with your own eyes before even doing an occult revisit yeah? Done reading ? You may proceed: 1 the plot From the beginning of the book, you have shepherd boy main character, Santiago [...]

A Practical way for you to increase your intuition , ESPECIALLY if you’re an artist

Hi. hello you.    It's like your brain is talking in bird language, with random thoughts and feelings and inklings na parang mababaliw ka (you'll go crazy) na kasi you can’t. See the sense, what it all means, it's like you're all constipated with all the art that wants to be born and honest to god [...]