What opening your third eye is actually like

Hi , okay so before I totally get into this, I want you to put ALL your ideas about third eyes opening and put it in a box . See it as vividly as possible with as much sensory perception as possible IN THIS BAx. THEN PUT IT VERY FAr AWAY. Good good, coool , thanks

You see most people already have set preconceptions about what having an open third eye means- ghosts, occult, future sights – dr strange ????and whatnot that actually telling you any story about it becomes literally impossible?? cause you’re gonna tell me about what you Think it is and What happened to this other person who told this other peeps and I’m just gonna end up trying not to correct nodding my head cause I guess u don’t wanna hear it?

So um

do you wanna hear it ?

Cause this is the kind of thing I think that needs to be said but can’t find the right venue cause of all the baggage.

Ok so put it in a box and we could start.

And I’m gonna explain in the plainest words possible, and read it real slowly til it sinks into your head:


Third eye means inner sight.

You don’t physically see it, but the suggestion of the dream image is so strong it’s realer than real. That you would fight tooth and nail to say that what you saw was Real no matter how ‘rationally’ impossible it was or how much you can pin it to an overactive imagination. Cause the image didn’t feel like it came from you- you didn’t think it exactly, it just persists introducing itself by banging the door- and no matter how many times you try to empty your mind and emptying it to be blank, it keeps staying and staying and staying and you know it’s not just you anymore and you’re supposed to see this thing — and you know what you saw is true.

That’s what it’s like to have a third eye, at least for me. And I didn’t do it on purpose.

I was first able to do it on a vision journey. Imagine a hole on the ground and take a trip. It was just a harmless feel good music trip with my favorite albums, playing my own music video on my head. And having heard about the power of really vivid visualization with training the mind I would visualize really symbolically good things happening.

Being washed from my worries, playing in a field bathed with sun, swimming in the ocean. I was already initiated with reiki, but I wasn’t totally into/convinced quite yet.. until well I saw my paternal grandfather in the music video and he was caked in really heavy mud, he was tired and hurting and I knew he was groaning, lonely and isolated



Logical dream form me, did what normal me would do. Try to get him out, I put my whole body, my entire will into breaking through the mud. YOU’D THINK IT’D BE EASY IF IT WAS Just your imagination, but it fought back, and it was a hard as rock like trying to peel stubborn bark from an old tree but I wanted to get him out!

I was so absorbed in the task and I never felt so focused and desperate in my life and I was subconsciously this was a dream image but i also knew this was IMPORTANT and JUSt AS REAL as waking reality.

I could hear the song on my earphones like static in the background and time slowed. I felt like I wrestled for days even when I knew the song was barely 4 minutes long. I eventually got him out. He looked so relieved but also tired . I said that was CRAZy I have to go and tried to move my physical legs immediately , which was like emerging from ten nights of slumber.


My body was heavy and I was like  I saw I SAW LOLO (grandfather) in mud. I kept repeating it under my breath- as if it really happened – i saw lolo was caked in mud and I seriously don’t think I imagined it. I had my eyes jacked wide open recalling the details of the super specific image and I couldn’t do anything else but judge it to be Real. Super real.

The same thing happened a couple of more times. I’d have some really intense visualizations into myself and when it came to me persisting on watching nothingness – suddenly images would appear out of nowhere that is not of my authorship. One instance had me scanning my body , bringing my awareness to my throat where I had a cough and I swear I was just observing the sensations, but suddenly



I saw a sword lodged down my throat, like a circus performer, as REAL as seeing my grandfather.


This was scary as hell, I kept trying to manipulate the dream image to something soothing and less barbaric but it kept staying THIS SWORD and it increasingly became more physically real in the sensation of my body like I could tell where the hilt started, how thick it was and where the tip ended. So this was like a dream puzzle right?

I thought I have to yank it out, so I did, as carefully and with full intent I carefully gripped and pulled the sword out. And I could feel my chest loosen where the blade exited, I felt the precise part of my throat where there was an etheric(?) hole that the sword exited from. It was my first dream operation? And when I woke into material world like my throat get raw, but also my cough gone, and it took me a full 2 hours of journeying to find the sword and take it out.


I also had an instance where I tried healing my brothers girlfriends hands and she was..

she said her hands felt numb. and i felt like I was holding a bowl of glass shards. it was so painful! i was gnashing my teeth from the feeling insisting that the pain go away – or melt. a few awkward mintues later – i remember she’s a chef. and knife cuts are the norm for all chef hands. and i knew that what i felt and saw as spikes shooting 5inches from her fingers, were a collection-representation of all the injuries she’s sustained. and i was shocked with the feeling! i mean my vision can’t be parsed away from my clairsentient (feeling) of feeling the pain from the shards – but i could see that hurt aura ? not in the way that you’d think to be like a tv image, but a dream image. as this super vivid imagination that floats in your head, but isn’t your authorship. i do my best to see only emptiness, and a flowing channel from the divine – but these vision problems would pop up – and what i do now is try to solve them like puzzles.

a tight ball of yarn – unwind it

a caged heart? – break it open

a tall menacing wall – imagine a bulldozer, and an army taking it ALL down.

I’ll be writing a post soon about the process i go through to identify the shapes and colors of the things floating in places, and people’s auras.

but til then shoot me any questions or stories about third eye experiences below>>

l love you!


your soul is welcome here

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