being “more spiritual” than thou vs the VALIDITY of experience and Lifeness

Is “I’m bring sexy back” a proper meditation guide or music for your daily practice?

Is liking money, and having a lot of money -spiritual?

Is enjoying, and considering masturbation sacred – a thing?? CAN THAT IS THAT ?? Wait wasn’t there than kundalini bit and sacral??


yes , yes and yes.

what the- how ?

what do you think everything is made out of? steeped in?


or what you could call consciousness. a thing, an act is never inherently spiritual. you could go to mass and be very not-present and be highly alive in a sports match. a state of awareness is what makes thing or action “more conscious” or “spiritual”. it’s not the object that makes a thing ‘more spiritual’ than others. yes even your tibetan singing bowls, yes even your crystals..

it’s consciousness that makes anything holy or healing



so what are the things that you’ve denied yourself in your quest of ‘being more spiritual’? what are the things that make you feel very present, that sound idiotic and not valid as a “healing journey” because that sounds like NOTHING that a yogi would do. I mean you really just played basketball or something- but i feel so !!!$!$$@@@@HWAAA can i really?

yes. yes. yesyesyesyesyesyesyes.

You know how i got into meditation and self-love? By enjoying my favorite justin timberlake album for two months straight. Just two hoursof blissful me time and self-foot massages and my brain really just milking the present moment, cause there is nothing more to want. Nothing to worry in the future or bring up in the past, just friggin be there and have a date with justin timberlake cause i love my ears and i love this album and i’m gonna ‘waste’ my time being in absolute ecstasy. hmm.

I felt (or my ego?) felt very validated when i went to a meditation class and a facilitator played pop music instead of the usual soothing nature sounds. I was like THAT WAS AN ACOUSTIC JAM. ABOUT VAGUE BREAKUPS/// THATS?!R@$ ALLOWED? !

yes yes yesyesyes and yes

yes honey.


if you want to give up meat to be spiritual, you can do that.

if you want to be like our indigenous ancestors who pray to brother pig and thank him for the life it gave, you can do that.

if you just really brilliantly enjoy good cooking, you can also go ahead and just do that.

it’s not the act, it’s the consciousness you bring to it that makes anything spiritual.


You ARE LIFE. You ARE CONSCIOUSNESS. Anything within your life experience, is already STEEPED in SPIRIT. What do you think matter is made of? Anything you can taste, feel, hear and touch? Do you really think it’s ‘dead’ in the traditional sense of the word or is it part of Life, as in the whole experience of it?



Good follow up read is: How to entertain multiple truths and finding YOUR truth to get your mind around this non-judgement.

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