Why you shouldn’t treat pyschic powers as magic…and my reservations with being an energy “healer”

Well an obvious reason is because this leads to an ego trap, a sense that Me, a psychic knows something you can’t and therefore I’m better at you.

It’s kind of like having people who are naturally inclined to be more athletic to be all judgy of all unfit people. That yes, you have a point that being fit is really good and feels magical !! But we’re not all there.

Psychic senses are just as magic as the other human faculties. The capacity to have a sharp intellect, a focused will, a creative spark. It’s like saying singing is magic which is true, yes – but not magic as in “mythical”.

We all have energy bodies, thoughts and emotions are things. You (a psychic) would have a natural disposition to something that everyone to some degree possesses. This sensitivity to energy, attrainment to vibration, gut feeling – however you call it ,everyone has it.


You being better at it, doesn’t make you god.

Which lead me to reflect – why do I offer energy healing services then ? Why do I claim I can help people with spirit ?

Let’s look at this from another angle.


Why does a surgeon learn really complicated heart surgery when the person’s really due their death ?

It’s a hail mary pass. For people who are unfamiliar with the idiom, it’s trying to solve a dire situation on the last minute. It’s having really skilled doctors who specialize in saving people during the Shit Hitting the Fan.

On the other hand – what does preventive medicine do? It’s teaching you to drink water, eat better food – and more importantly teaching you to manage your energies, aligned with your values and purpose so that you don’t get to a heart surgeon in the first place.


Now, I’m a huge advocate for preventive vs hail mary pass medicine. It’s harder to promote for sure, but it’s more sustainable in the long run.


But some people really do need a hail mary pass.

And I can do them. And I’m good at them.


What’s a feng shui clearing and energy healing bath and a tarot reading for most people but a hail mary pass ?? You hire “healers” cause you don’t know how to fix things anymore right ? For some reason the shit in the building doesn’t go away, you cannot for the life of you get over your ex and you really really really really need some comfort.

And sometimes it’s someone with extrasensory insight. Someone who’s good at channeling some higher energies, and can hold and wrestle and command some fucked up karmic ties and demons away.


I get that. I get it, and it’s really really really really overwhelming to be good at it. You know sometimes I wonder if buddha (not that psychic powers must! accompany enlgihtenment or vice versa, they just tend to occur together) — would be such a highly paid energetic shrink. 1 hour! And he’ll help you resolve all your karma, he’ll surgeon your way out of a healthy body – it’s gonna be great ! And how he didn’t do that.

Which makes me think of liposuction. How rich people can get their fats sucked away from them but they could still have a fatty heart. Or it’s like some bastardized “health” that’s frankensteined in a way, because they got the result – being thing. But in the most unsustainable way possible – because their eating habits are the same, and the toxins locked in their kidneys are still there. And they could just double dose on supplements – but it’s all this high rolling – hail mary grace saving unsustainable version of health.


And – I think energy healing … can promote that. As an odd, fucking, consumeristic side effect. What is energy channeling but a really super charged supplement ? What are rituals from your friendly neighborhood shaman but getting a surgeon to liposuction out your demons ? You’re still going to eat very twisted emotions and thoughts anyway. You’re still going to get your aura dirty – you’re still not going to meditate.



It’s. Hmm , at the very least frustrating.

Case in point is my brother. He has trouble sleeping, has insomnia from all the anxiety he has from very high self imposed expectations and not to mention swing trading as a profession. I can ease him to sleep at the snap of a channeling. It’s relief – I’m the hail mary pass when he’s whittled down his life force to close to nothing and he has something important the next day. He’ll beg me to channel energy for him – because he wants sleep.

What’s crazy.

Or annoying.

Is that the very next day – it’s like he learned nothing. I told him to drop his projections, to let go of his excessive clinging to overly specific circumstances and illusion of control – and there he goes again. Home with a very botched crazy MANIC dark aura. Needing me to sleep again.

Not to mention, he doesn’t pay me for what I channel — but besides that point



The mark of a truly reformed person is not needing his doctor or teacher. You don’t have your math teacher teach you addition you can only do in his presence. So why should I hold you in an energetic vibration that you can’t hold yourself ?? Are you insane ?? I want you to LEARN how to do it, so that you don’t need me. Regardless of business and money making, that’s me as a healer and teacher.

I want to capacitate you. To not Need me. To Know yourself.


But. So.



People. Need.



Hail Mary Passes.


It’s like they’ve been living in this thick fog all their lives with labels of depression, anxiety and small sense of worth and this really just heavy – very!!! very real and visceral poison that envelopes them and you need to blast them with an energetic shower to give them a fighting chance.


Get clean yo. And also here’s how to use soap.

But then they cling to you thinking you’ve got the answers and I’m just looking at all that poison and all the work that involves in making and inviting it in and I’m like – stop ???

Can you stop making more ?? Or I’ll never finish. Hey you can you see you’re getting yourself messed up ? Here’s soap again ?? Please ?? Listen ?? We’ll never make progress ???

And then I sit there feeling – maybe I shouldn’t have done the hail mary pass in the first place.




I think about that a lot.

I have two students I take care of, they’re very intuitively gifted and have very very botched auras. Depression anxiety, ungroundedness, the works.

I never offered healing them. I never even sent them the “sending you good vibes” kinda shit. I always. Always just told them.

This is not you.

These are some meditation and grounding techniques to help you find your ground. Use it. Use it before you even try dissecting or bitching about the situation. Do it (or don’t even post anything new on the chat).

Trust my instructions, you can do this.

You will find relief, it’s on the tip of your nose. It’s right there – IT’S YOU, YOUR INFINITE BEINGNESS.






They’ve made progress. I don’t know how long it will stick but I feel better about investing in them the preventive medicine route than the hail mary route. Before, I would feel guilty about the misery I let people live with in holding back a hail mary pass

But legit, them being teenagers is making it easier.

Because the things they’re worried about is insanely —– shallow. Relatively infinitesimal, valid but actually very clearly CAPABLE OF BEING HANDLED. I’ve been through those hormone swings I’m not gonna energetic surgery you.




I guess, I still sell hail mary passes, they’re on my services page.

But the reason why I like card readings and conversing people with their problems is I make them self-aware of the beliefs that created their blocks in the first place. Like one major fucking call out post. That could wake them up if they let it. Then they won’t need me. They truly won’t.

But otherwise I’ll just be blogging some preventive medicine.

Like not putting psychic powers on a pedestal…










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