Why you should (maybe!) get rid of your reiki box

Are you familiar with the power of words?

How these have energetic signatures? How they’re potent methods to speak and reprogram your subconscious?

It’s no surprise that mantras and affirmations have become popular. Even when channeling reiki, carefully written out scripts are rehearsed and improved upon. Maybe before proceeding with this article you could think of 3 concepts/ or advice you’ve heard or have personally practiced about “how to phrase words”, specifically intentions better.

You could even type it down in the comments below before proceeding, to get into a little experiment. Top 3 advice on how to phrase your words when handling energy:






Finished commenting? Okay.


Did you type any of these?

  1. One should phrase desires/wishes as if it was already done. “Thank you for ______.” Instead of “I want ________.” Because the universe only hears your frustrated “want” not your readiness to receive. Thanking something as if it were already there has this subconscious switch, that you already “feel” it is with you.
  2. When phrasing a wish, always add “or whatever better that is available for me/ highest good” since sometimes what is the best for ourselves is actually not something we can spell out. It just didn’t occur in your imagination, so it’s safer to insert that “clause” so that energy is guided to the best scenario for you. This is similar to the “let your Will be done” logic by christian prayers.
  3. Check for underlying negative assumptions in your statements and intentions. When you pray for the intention of “healing a twisted sick murderer” – this works just like (1). You’re reaffirming the identity of twisted sick murderer and the frustration of that, instead of really focusing on peace, or collaboration or genuine forgiveness. It’s a subtle difference, but it’s world’s apart energy wise.

If you got all three of that and wrote more, than congratulations! You’re very familiar with the power of words and know how to use them.


Now go to your reiki box of intentions.

How many of the intentions that are in there follow the concepts you just stated?

How many of them are desperate?

How many of them have the underlying assumption of the helplessness of other people ?

How many of them play into you playing as a savior instead of being thankful for witnessing healing that you know will occur regardless if you are part of or not?

Hmmm. Yes. Yes.


So maybe you could rewrite those.

How you wrote, and what you wrote fervently wrote as your intentions is very telling of your attachments and how you perceive them. Look at the ones that need rewriting honestly. Why did you write it that way? What underlying subconscious assumptions did you have when you wrote all those? Why do you see them and those things that way?


Just have an open curiosity to your own personality and learn about yourself. A bout of self-awareness.


I’ve personally experienced having a really “loud” reiki box, at one point it felt so loud in my room that I just had to burn all the slips of paper to get my sleep. A friend of mine told me that in Japanese temples, intentions are burned every new year as a symbol of being thankful for having the intention being resolved. (Even if it wasn’t). Energetically it just feels lighter. You’ve let go of the expectation, or the need to participate in it and it’s in the firmament.

So maybe, just maybe, I could suggest that we could get rid of our reiki boxes.

Or at least empty it out, rewrite everything 1-4 times a year.

Go through the intentions that came true and declutter. Be thankful -yes, but be done with it. Physically change the paper you wrote on (rip, x over, burn), or at least take it out of the box you reiki charge everyday.

I promise you, you will feel lighter.

Til next time,


your soul is welcome here

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