How to Ground yourself Effectively


I know the title states that this will be about grounding but this will actually be about several things. Several VERY important things with regards to energy work and being very balanced in your day to day life. See if you are familiar with the following things:

Scanning –>> Centering






If you aren’t – that’s okay! This is why you’re researching and reading about how to do these things effectively. I just want to reiterate that, with all the benefits and techniques that grounding does involve, it comes hand in hand with very basic concepts of handling yourself or your mental-emotional energetic body.

I know there are a lot of practices around there, and maybe you yourself have some techniques you’ve employed on your own. I’m restating these as a sort of framework to view all of these techniques together and to see how grounding works with all of them. Yeah ?



Scanning –> Centering

The first step is always to bring your awareness to the center of your being. For beginners, a body scan would be done so that you would bring your conscious awareness back to yourself. Usually, easing up the tensions of your physical body. Then typically, guides would recommend tapping to the central channel along your spine, and settling your awareness in one of the 7 major chakras.


Which chakra? It’s usually recommended to “breath in and out” of your third eye, or your heart. I personally recommend settling the spot between the eyes, since I feel that my heart is always too open. Use your intuition with what works best for you, just remember to keep it centered – feel that spine.




You would have already started doing this when you were bring your awareness around your body. Bringing conscious awareness to literally any part of your being, physical or energetic already makes it lighter. It breathes easier, it’s more relaxed. It’s being cleared of mental-emotional debris. This isn’t an idiom, this is very real for people who can feel, see, touch, taste energy. The thoughts and feelings you think are in your head are very much physically enveloping you. So it’s important to clear out the trash, yeah?

You will feel better, and your problems will energetically be less potent when drawn away from your center, from your life force. Don’t let the demons fester, negative energy parasite, worms, vomit, trash — stay. They are obviously not you. So imagine, feel if you can, pulling out, vomitting out avalanches of trash from your belly and being consumed into an infinite vacuum.

I tend to feel this strongly when I hold my breath and very slowly exhale out as if pushing something outside of my body. Listen to your body, feel it. Exorcise it.

Important notes:

1.People usually ask, how does visualizing a problem go away work? Aren’t you just avoiding the problem or just making yourself feel good? What’s the science behind this? Shouldn’t energy be logical?

  • It is. You see the older part of the brain, the limbic system is denser in terms of nerve synapses. It’s more wired, it’s where our subconscious is situated. It’s also where feeling and imagery is interpreted. All our logic and language is in the newer part of the brain. This means, you can logically be over something but not mental-emotionally over it. Ever had that feeling?
  • So how does one access this part of yourself, how do you tell it that you are being over it? You feel it with imagery, and sensation. You speak to it without language. This is how visualisation works. So you’re not avoiding the problem, you’re tackling it from a different angle/dimension/reality. We’re tapping it through deeper parts of your being.


2.Am I doing this right? Nothing seems to be working.

Mean it.

There is such a thing as almost no technique and 10billion percent conviction and fire. I can instruct and spoon-feed you all the elegant details of doing this right but the person who wants this badly enough will learn way faster than that and I want you to be that person. I want you to hold and see all the vomit that surrounds you and throw into the pits of non-existence. BURN WITH CONVICTION, and I promise you, you can exorcise every imaginable demon. They are in your space, so command it.

(bonus, go try it out for at least a month: 1 reclaim parts of your soul and energy you’ve projected into your past, and your future 2 visualize “unhooking” yourself from people who influence/manipulate you)




The actual article title now.  Okay, activate your tan tien, your navel chakra, your largest energetic battery. Now imagine roots, a cord, a cable – whatever works for you and hook it into the very center of the earth.

Take your time crawling all the way to the center of the earth, it takes a while. Really pave that energetic path and intention of always being grounded into the earth. Stay centered and cleared in this whole process don’t stop doing the first two steps just because you’re “grounding” now. If you can’t do this, practice being centered and cleared so that it would be second nature to you and that you could do it while grounding.

Note: Linking with the earth will feel energetically different. You will feel less floaty, you might even get hungry. It will feel stabling, and clearing happens faster and deeper. I can prattle off more benefits of this energetic cord – but why don’t you just find out for yourself? Try doing this 24/7 in your waking life.

Bonus: Try to be barefoot on the earth, try to get into nature. Do this while holding, or sitting beneath the tree. Do for at least a month. Experience the difference.





You’ve done all that energetic spring cleaning but you also let a lot of junk in anyway. Don’t undo all of that hard work. Shield up! There are numerous techniques online on how to shield effectively, imagining colors, mirrors, angel wings protecting you.

That’s great. The clincher ? The big old secret that can only be found in this article?

I’m telling you to practice it. 

That every time you do it, it has to be twice as stronger if not more than the last time you shielded. Your energetic body – has muscles, highways, links and cords It’s a sovereignty and clarity that has materiality to it and it needs to be maintained. If you’re not shoring up, it’s being broke down. If you’re doing a lot of self-healing you will be unraveling a lot of karma – fast. You will have cosmic universe, synchronicity and capital Life coming at you with a baseball bat swinging at you hard AND FAST. So don’t sleep on this.

Center – clear – ground – shield – level this up constantly and you will progress and grow as you should.



Cleansing/ Programming

This is where people usually have mantras, or have healing intentions.

The concept is simple: choose your own thoughts and emotions or someone else will do for you.

A lot of the… blockages I think when it comes to this part of the Work is that people don’t really know what they want. So they parrot some esoteric or nice sounding affirmation and go half-heartedly into it. Or worse, they lie in their comfort zone and coddle themselves in a belief rather than facing reality. So what’s your power tool for this?

Clarity and Honesty.

Also known as calling out yourself on your own bullshit. You see once you’ve released a lot of the patterns of your past behavior and stayed long enough in your own energy and aligned good vibrations – you will realize a lot of things. Not just A Lot , A Lot.

I mean, your entire way of living, set assumptions and whole reality will turn itself over. You will see things as they are, not as projections, or built up self-expectations, and personas – It will just be the disgusting, sometimes boring but the unforgiving very real truth. You will, sometimes want to look away.

You will sometimes, doubt yourself why you got into this in the first place. I thought healing was supposed to be relaxing?? What’s all this blowback?? WHY IS SO MUCH FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE HARD??


Let’s go back to the power tool: Clarity and Honesty.

We didn’t promise you rainbows. Maybe the articles promised you love and light but here’s the thing. What is love ? What is light? Doesn’t love fully accept the degenerative, unsightly unhealthy parts of you and desires to move on? What is light but that which acknowledges all things? Without judgement, providing both sunshine to the worm on the earth and the bird in the sky?

You will find the ugly roots to all your problems, if you’re willing to see it.

Reprogramming them is less about dreaming what an ideal life is up there and more about being disastrously honest with the circuitry you’ve found under the dashboard.

Well that doesn’t look too nice, I need to get rid of that thought.

You feel it sitting in your personal space no matter how many times you’ve tried to clear it away. Don’t get obsessed. What would be a more useful version of that? Hold it. Try to displace the old program by writing a new one. Use your own words, don’t parrot affirmations. use H-O-N-E-S-T-Y in terms of what you’re energetically being right now.

Or what’s energetically real for you. Feel that new emotion, that thought pattern. Just play with it, take a bath with, see it wash over you, drink it to the very marrow of your bones and whatnot chakras. Do it again and again and take possession of your lovely existence.


Ground the new program in your body.

Then ground back to the earth.



And that my friends is how to ground effectively,





your soul is welcome here

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