40 day, self-care art challenge

Why is it that even when there are probably more songs than a person could phsycially listen to – we still want to write them, we still want to sing?

Even though there is a near infinite amount of art and content we could “consume” and enjoy, we still want to make art and draw things.

Because, there’s something about humans that wants to create. It’s of a human nature. And to all you artists out there, I hope you feed it. Here are 40 prompts to enable you to fully love and take care of yourself through the act of creation.

A lot of this are highly introspective, and reveals higher awareness

1 Draw two pictures. One, what others expect of you. Two who you actually are in Love and Truth. Contemplate on the difference.

2 “These are my favorite things” Create art about things that truly make you happy

3 Make art that you’ve always wanted to try but never had the excuse/bravery to do it. This is it, this is the Excellent excuse.

4 Create, to release the emotions of the things you wish you said to certain people.

5 Create portals, images of lives you could have alternately lead if you’ve chosen a different path on decisions you regret. Destroy the art work after. Come to peace with letting go and forgiving yourself

6 Write a poem, a letter to a person you miss. Someone you hope would have stayed your friend. (Actually send it).

7 Involve the most ludicrously self-indulgent thing you can imagine to your creative process. Have a favorite childhood anime? You think ___ is hot and you should just make a series of memes of him? This is your artistic hifaluting creative process. DO THAT.

8 Recount a moment of grace in your life, draw a comic, write a narrative, create art based on the Energy of that moment

9 Make art about jumping off a cliff and growing wings on the way down. Make art about courage and taking leaps.

10 do the 100 rejections challenge and keep joining jobs/shows/competitions you think you’re not good enough for. Not cause you’re a masochist, but because you’re always worthy and what matters right now is that you’re steeped in the process of things you’re dreaming of. it’s the feeling of worthiness we’re practicing here not the art.

11 create art of what personal heaven is supposed to look like. enjoy making it, and visit it from time to time

12 write out your own curriculum of what makes great art and then actually follow your curriculum. this curriculum is your act of creativity today

13 share your already existing art with people who share common interests and dreams. finding support for your art IS art.

14 talk about something you’re passionate about. the one you can give a TED talk about at a drop of a hair. make art about that topic even if you think it’s not supposed to be in your art. (it kinda can)

15 SCALE IT UP. Do something stupidly ambitious. Maybe your art prompts have been plateuing because you’re not challenging yourself. Add a deadline, incorporate a different medium, push your edge and find passion in what you’re doing.

16 make a lot of pinterest boards. inspiration gathering is art too.

17 create art for someone who needs it. I’m not saying do shit for free, but I mean forge a connection with someone who would also likely help you out. No person is an island, so if you have people you admire. Make art about something they need, pitch it, and get them to hire you back. (think mentor- student relationship)

18 Also, revisit your old mentors. Wether that’s your old fave artist’s or an actual living coach or something. Review what sparked you before and make art from there. Commemorate/revisit your old art pieces

19 collaborate on art with someone you love, even if they don’t call themselves an artist. let love bleed into the things you make

20 CUT SOMETHING OUT. what about the prompt is removing something you always thought had to be in your process or art pieces? Hmm??? Is it better? Does it say something else now?

21 Marry yourself, celebrate the anniversary of you and your dog, emergency dance party. Get F*cking wild in An Eleborate Play

22 Perfect that one punch ala bruce lee. Pick just one aspect of your art that you want to just laser with today, maybe a torso isolation for dancers, or line weights for graphic artists. Do that one punch for an hour or 100 times. Be bruce lee, you Are Water.

23 Imagine the art training/school/family you wish you were born with and list down the shit that they would do. Pick one you could adapt to your life. Put on wine, print a fake degree and own That Heirarchal System. Spark a revolution,— within yourself

24 create art about an addiction you have, cigarettes, being seen as pleasant, being sad. Just go to A Town with it and know more about yourself in the process

25 I deserve clients and sales. Make art about that, you being totally worthy of that.

26 Breathe deeply, 8 counts inhale and exhale for 5 minutes. Create art from stillness

27 Involve your body if you typically don’t. Jump around before painting, walk while you’re writing an article. SHOUT for a bit before going back to making storyboards. Involve your physiology

28 Be a completely different person , JUST FOR TODAY. Drop all of your identity and just pretend you’re shakira. Or like the lovechild of yoko ono and matisse. Make art from this crazed state. Make a rap persona.

29 make art about a taboo topic. you don’t have to share it, but dance in that area of what makes you feel that this is difficult to make mindful art about

30 reorganize your work station to the planetary orbits. there you go, better. make art about environments you see everyday, or about stars

31 draw your biggest inner bully and judge (judgement) voice and feed it tea and cookies. even make a comic about being it’s friend.

32 what if the thing you hate the most about your art is the best part of your art? draw that hated wretched thing today

33 if you can’t love yourself enough today, maybe try your art and your message is worth hearing regardless of the vehicle it speak through? let your message shine

34 make a joke. try to make yourself laugh. do an art novae collage of keanu reeves just for laughs

35 what’s right here? look what’s available in the present moment? you’re process might be too attached to how things worked before or an old golden era where you flourshed. But that’s done. What’s happening now? listen carefully and ride with what’s on your lap right now

36 make art knowing you are making sandcastles that will be washed away. love your fucking hands into the sand. love each word that passes through your fingers. every line shape and form

37 there is no failure, only experience. take your worst “fail” in life and make art about what you learned from it

38 get stupidly excited about something stupid. like a newly shaved pencil. or the perfectly cold water on your mouth. ENGAGE your damn senses and sink deep into life. Make art from here. From stupid happy pencil moment

39 Reivisit an old art concept you’ve had shelved. Close your eyes and just pick one. Chug a sports drink and binge watch on motivational videos. JUST. DO IT! Publish by the end of the day. I am not fucking with you

40 Fall madly in love. With yourself, the world, art again. Then make love letters in any way shape or form.

your soul is welcome here

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