drunk in spirit-wine

we skirt the edges of dreaming

flowing in many forms



there is much energy in the liminal, so many of our practices (the specific pose and technique of breathe, the fast, the plants, the gongs..) delta wave “etc” are a passage to an altered state

because that is also still you in that dimension, but it’s expanded and steeped in symbol and possibility


so many of us seek to fall in love, when the experiencing of love was what we wanted. the fabric of it stretching in our lives like a raucous bull 

the lover is but a teacher. the plant. the journey. the momentary state of awareness. we don’t ride training wheels forever, and after the teacher presses their chest to brace you on how to aim — one must pick up the bow and aim flight our conscious will ourselves. they are a wonderful frame

don’t mistake that it is still you as spirit that animates the experience. that you are the dreaming and all illusion unto itself. 


one may think that dreaming is a bad word. idle, illusory, less real, invalid, false.

my friend, your every thought and emotion is visible to opened eyes. it is in the firmament. a shaman can stick their hand in and pull out a nasty critter until you give birth to that little slug of a thought again. 

i am sorry if it disappoints you, that your “internal” dreaming is so very Real. born of dream logic and symbols, but with very as you put it “real world consequences”. 


the world is first born in dream time, anything physical around you “now” is more accurately “the past” 


So when I invite you to soften your gaze and rest your awareness and trace the memory of a full and strong love, when i invite you to slip and kiss a different stream of time where all you know is peace and safety and being drunk with Life

i am inviting you to dream with me

i am inviting you to birth Life


much of personal development, trains you into training yourself into “positive thoughts” but do you hear how mental and limiting that is? 

you are consciousness you are breath you are divine you are an expanded sense of being and are in spontaneous rebirth in every waking moment, your very spirit is an emanation of god that creates like no other


so wont you dream again?


your soul is welcome here

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